An unfair class? well unfair at least to the campers on the other team.

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I was playing a game last night using a class that I have been tinkering with the last two weeks and I finally got it right.  I was playing team death match on yemen and the other team had this one guy camping is butt off. Most of you know the house I am talking about towards the one edge of the map with only one way in and the desk to hide behind facing the door.  He had a clamore at the door with a shock charge and a guardian set up so nobody could get at him.  He had cost my team 6 deaths or so already and he kept restocking with scavenger. Pop, then he was dead, nobody came into the room, or even tried to run his little gauntlet.  I got a string of profanity for his death cam and after the match he accused me of cheating.  That was until I explained this little class to him. I thought I would share it with you guys.

Primary weapon: DSR 50

Attachments: Full Metal Jacket, Dual Band Scope

Secondary weapon: S12 shotgun

Attachment: Milimeter Scanner

Perk 1: Light Weight

Perk 2: Scavenger

Perk 3: Extreme conditioning

Tactical Grenade: Smoke Grenade

Lethal: None

Wild Cards: Overkill

Now, at first, this looks like a really weird sniping class with a shotgun for a close range back up.  However, it's really the other way around.  I was running the s12 shotgun.  I am fairly good with the weapon in it's raw form with no attachments and I use it on a couple of classes as a raw backup.  The milimeter scanner may seem a weird fit for a shotgun with almost no wall penetration ability, but it's really not for the shotgun.  The camper in the above game, was just sitting there watching the door. I stood outside  and used the milimeter scanner to see where he was sitting on the shotgun.   Then I swapped out to the sniper rifle and just shot him right through the wall. Now, the milimeter scanner is a great sight, but it cannot be combined with FMJ on the same gun to be fair to the other players. However, there is no rule that says you cannot use two guns, one with the scanner and one with FMJ.

Now, the weapons I used for this class are arbitrary.  You could easily switch the DSR for any sniper rifle and the S12 for any shotgun or SMG you like.  The reason I went with these two weapons was, once you unlock the necessary attachments with them, if you use a permanent unlock token on scavenger, everything else you need for this class is available right at level 4 if you prestige. Now as far as the class goes in normal play, if you find somebody camping trying to set up an anbush, you can easily kill them without even letting them fight back.  The smoke grenade is great for more open combat fights.  You can drop it on a group of opponents then rush in and pick them apart with the S12 while they are blind because you can see them on the milimeter scanner. Alternatively, you can throw it a long distance and pick them off with the DSR at mid to long range.

This class also works well as a support class if other members of your team are running thermal optics on their weapons.  Since Scavenger keeps your smoke grenade restocked, your team mates don't have to use smoke grenades and can pick other things for their class. Scavenger also keeps the S12 fed with a good supply of shells.  The other perks just speed you up for quick hammering with the shotgun.  It's definately a class that requires some skill to play, but it's also a lot of fun. 

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Props for thinking outside the box. A good idea for someone camping hard though is the Grenade Sensor - mini orbital VSAT. I've used that a couple of times with an LMG on Slums ( the room in the middle of the map - wall bang Smiley Happy

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That house is excellent for TDM because it only has one way in and it has a good line of sight on the A spawn.  You can guarentee that someone will setup shop in it.  I've also found the MMS to be rather handy in HQ.  You can almost always find players hiding near the HQ site after it's captured.  It's nice knowing exactly which corner to aim for when you enter the room.

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Interesting. I like the way you think.

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Hunting down campers is a lot more fun than mowing down zombie rushers. I camp too but I also go on the hunt and love the challenge of killing a camper who knows what they are doing. Good job using creativity with that class!

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Damn. I wish our games doesn't lag. I plan to go camping against you. I wish I live down south.

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Ha ya I only got one good game in against you, all the rest were too laggy!

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Nice!! Very well thought out and creative. I am going to try this when I get online next time. Props to you for using the Pick 10 system creatively!

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Very nice OP, its refreshing to see a thread with a genuinely good tip (oo-er). More threads like this one would be real nice

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Pretty cool post. I had just thought of this very similar setup about a week ago. Only, I use a AR with FMJ instead of the sniper, but with the exact same thing in mind.

I gave the MMS a shot last week and when I realized that I couldn't use FMJ with it, I decided to use Overkill and add a AR with it. Works pretty good. Just find the camper, switch and kill.

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