An apology of sorts

Black Ops II Xbox 360


yes this may be dismissed as a whinge straight off the bat and everyone will say that activision have my cash now and still dont give a crap about a sub standard game.But having been so pissed off with being constant host i didnt play for a month, so tonight for lack of something better to do (was either play this or watch my lad playing minecraft again n telling me about all the vids on youtube for the umpteenth time) i place blops 2 into my xbox.

Wow !!!! I had the displeasure of being in host in all but 1 of the 12 games i tried to play . I dont care why its so pants but reall treyarch again as so many before me have said its unplayable from my perspective. Im not going into details about my connection and bore everyone but lets say its fast as i can get in the UK with awesome ping when tested . the worst thing is i cant do anything to change my poor experiance , it doesnt matter what connection i search by i pull host.

here comes the apology (and no its not about my lack of punctuation , after night i had i cant be arsed) its this i hate it when i dont get host and the host quits and migration spoils the flow of the game.

so to all those who have the misfortune of being in a game with me as host and i quit cos i emptied the mag n didnt get the kill yet he or she torvil n deaned my ass im.....

SORRY for ruining your game as treyarch and activision have for me

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