An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

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WMD & Meltdown are almost Identical. Definitely have the same exact feel to them. Of course, the spawn system is broken & lag comp. ruins the game (for me at least- It's annoying when I go 20-4 on "Slums", then next game, same map, same team, different host, & I go 15-18 because my hits aren't registering.)

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Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

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"Raid for example - the middle sections of the map, are tight and intense CQ battles, whereas the outer regions of the map (the pool and the driveway), are much more longer ranged."

The sad part is, this, "longer range", is still SMG range. Thus, making every map a CQC map. Yes, including turbine. It's as though there isn't enough damage decay at "extreme" distances on SMGs- which makes them the most viable option on every map considering that the routes (on every map) that one has to take, are entirely geared towards CQC. I mean, even if you're trying to snipe on Turbine, you still have to get to one of the 2 or 3 good vantage points (with terrible sight lines anyways) to make yourself useful at a distance- even then, you're still highly exposed to the 5/6 SMG runners.

Treyarch clearly wanted to make the game faster paced & eliminate camping, which, they've successfully done. Now the problem is that, they've also eliminted about 75% of the tactical aspect that the game used to have. It's just coked out SMG gerbils, or people with ARs sitting in crappy vantage points where they're going to have someone spawn up behind them in about 30 seconds- thanks to the coked out SMG gerbils who push spawns & swap them every 30 seconds or so.

In short, the game has become so incoherent & inconsistent it's pretty much impossible to get a sense of what the hell is going on. This is largely in part due to the fact that you can get from 1 spawn to the next in the amount of time it takes for you to even watch an entire enemy kill-cam..

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Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

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What's wrong with SMG range maps?

At least they are done right, unlike MW3.

The alternative, as mentioned, is a campfest long range map.

I certainly know which type of map I would prefer to play on. One where 12 people ran around with SMGs, vs one where 3 people ran around while everyone else sat with their specific body organ stuck in the ground

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Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

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Aftermath: A good map.
One of the few maps where assault rifles are useful, and this is a very good map for snipers, as there's a dozen places you can snipe from.

SMG users have the center of the map to play on.

Cargo: A decent map.
One of the few maps where assault rifles are useful, and snipers can be used here too.

SMG users have an easy time.

Carrier: A clusterfuck.

The home of campers and snipers, and SMGs everywhere.

Drone: A large SMG map, with snipers in the forest.

Express: A large SMG map.
Assault rifle users can camp to fend off some of the worst rushers, but have to watch their flanks.

Snipers can try to snipe from one of five possible positions.

Hijacked: A small SMG map

Meltdown: A medium SMG map

Snipers have four positions where they can have their fun, and assault rifle users can share those positions with the snipers. Two of these positions are facing the spawns on either side, and two are easily flanked from either spawn.

Overflow: A medium SMG map

Assault rifle-users and snipers have a few windows they can camp in.***

Plaza: A medium SMG map

Assault rifle users and snipers have a few rooftops they can camp on, as well as the center of the map when spawn-trapping.

Raid: The only assault rifle map in the game.

It has three zones where assault rifles users are at an advantage: Top, center and bottom.

Snipers have four positions to camp, one in each corner.

SMG users will not have a hard time.

Slums: A balanced SMG and assault rifle map.

Assault rifle users have to camp, however, to avoid getting flanked.

Snipers will have to use the ballista.

Standoff: The best map in the game, period.

SMG users have the buildings, and snipers have their windows and random corners with long sightlines.
Assault rifles work as they traditionally do.
The assault rifles are the bread and butter of the series, as they should be.
The SMGs are like the cheese.

The snipers are like the wine.

Can we have standoff 24/7 please?

Or even better, Standoff (small) + Aftermath (large) + Cargo (medium) in a playlist.

Turbine: An SMG map with sniper sightlines

The assault rifle users can camp in some corners or try to pick a kill from a house, before going back to hiding.

Yemen: An SMG map with some assault rifle camping positions.

Nothing else to do here.


ALL of the maps:
There's carefully placed objects that clearly aren't clutter, but deliberately placed pieces of tactical cover.
They are everywhere, on all the maps.
All of them.

On every corner.
Mark my words: On EVERY corner. EVERY corner.
Except on Plaza, where the SMG users didn't need it.

*** This is when I realized.
Assault rifle users have been reduced to the same role as snipers in this game.
While they traditionally assaulted objectives, they now camp objectives, hiding from the Nazgu... SMG users.

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