Black Ops II Xbox 360

for using a hamr, i keep getting hate mail for using this lmg. Personally I thinks it beast and been doing really with it with stock and supressor. It reminds me of the scar but with more bullets and higher fire rate, is it overpowered or does the gun just suit my style of play. People keep calling me noobs for using it.

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You'll get use to it. I've been called a noob many time for using LMGs, Shotguns, SMGs, ARs..........Pretty much everything. Like I said you will get use to it. You can also report them for harassing you to microsoft. I've done it to several people.

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You're letting those kids get in your head, mate. Ignore them and keep killing them. Use whatever works for you. They're just butt hurt from getting owned. They're calling you a noob to make themselves feel better after failing to kill you.

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My response to those kinds of messages is always "Get Better"

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Screw what other people think. It's been noob this noob that for years. All that means is that you're pissing people off. Use what you like.

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The HAMR is a configuration from the SCAR.

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do well you get called a noob for doing well with that specific weapon.

do poorly and you get told that you suck & should give up or go back to doodlejump.

the best advice is: ignore it.

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I was called a n00b for using the M27. *Facepalm* Some kid said, "Oh you're just using that cause Sandy Ravage used it in his videos on youtube. Its OP."

I just facepalmed then muted the kid. But I did thank him for the stealth chopper. lol

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Oh man they are totally trolling u! I try to throw people off their games but never really send hate mail, the other day i had 3 messages from past opponents calling me gay and a shitty player, my response? "You mad?" Lol. Play with whatever u want bro, nobody bought the game for you, they can't tell u which guns to use. Run the Hamr 24/7! Target Finder, Rapid Fire, idc! You play how YOU want to. Haters gonna Hate!

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