Activision, Treyarch, read this, because I will tell you everything that's wrong with this CoD.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Activision, Treyarch, read this, because I will te...

Over Complication, Spawning, and Networking

I was looking forward to this game immensely last weekend. The reason for this was that I attended the Black Ops 2 Live launch event in London. I had a great time, and the game was bloody brilliant. Even though it's very over-complicated because you want to split 1 Perk up into 3 different Perks (Ghost broken into Ghost, Cold Blooded and Blind Eye) among other things, I still enjoyed playing the game, getting to grips with the new features you put in. THEN, I bought the game and tried to play online, and oh dear, WTF happened?!? It's the worst online experience I've had since Gary Glitter got hold of my IM address.

Now I do consider myself an above average player. I always play for the win, and this means I play the objective, and also consistently (in MW3) get 50 or more kills per game. Deaths vary, but I'm normally in the region of a 2.5 - 3 KD ratio. As a result of this I have been placed in the Platinum Division for your League Play playlists. Now I know I'm not a bad player, so why am I doing so badly?? Firstly, and by far most importantly, the basic connection is terrible. I'm not going to go into Lag Comp and all that malarkey, because it will just start an internet war. I am, and I believe I am speaking for alot of people, just sick and tired of losing battles when I clearly won. I am almost always seeing a guy first, ADS'ing first, shooting first, getting hitmarkers first, and then losing. Or, I see a guy, decide I won't win the battle, so I go round a corner, through a door, behind cover of any sort, and then when I'm safely out of range of a gun which supposedly shoots bullets straight, Angelina Jolie turns up and bends bullets round corners and BANG I'm down. But then, you go back to where you died, and you can clearly see your dead body is a good 15 feet round the corner. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Secondly, spawns are once again, atrocious. They take too long to flip, but when the opposing team's spawn does flip, it turns out that my team's spawns havn't. So I'm now spawning directly infront of a gun muzzle, and have to do so 2, maybe 3 times before my team's spawn flips also. And when I'm playing obj modes, HQ inparticular, it's even worse. I'm always the guy who spawns at the other end of the map to the HQ site, and if I die on the way to the HQ to try and help capture, I go back to where I started at the wrong end of the map. But if I kill the opposing team at the HQ, they spawn just round the corner. Some form of equality when it comes to spawning would be pleasent.

Thirdly, the game is unbalanced. Very. Granted, problems have been looked at, and while one half of the problem has been solved adequately, the other side has been overlooked. Let me explain. The shotguns and SMG's have all been buffed after the first Black Ops so they are all a viable choice alongside assault rifles, but in addition now ALL the maps have also been designed with just SMG's in mind. They are all CQC minded, and if you have anything other than shotguns or SMG's, you're fighting a losing battle. And Ghost, ah the infamous Ghost. Yes, they have nerfed it so you can't camp and stay hidden. And they've nerfed it even more by making it the last unlock in the whole system. But they've overlooked the reason why it has always been used so much in the first place. UAV's are still as easy as pie to get, and once one person has got one, the rest of the team quickly follow suit, and before you know it, there's 25,000 UAV's in the air, and they can't all be shot down, or hidden from, or disabled in any way, shape or form. So what could have been done is you make a UAV so it only benefits the person who got it, OR you make it a higher scorestreak. Just a few things to think about.

And finally, everything is just too complicated and unclear. There's so much going on, and so much to keep track of, I'm surprised we ourselves don't overload when playing. The menu layout, is at best, messy, and everything is everywhere. And when you get a scorestreak in-game, chances are you don't know score you're on, because you get lots of different scores for lots of diferent things; Plus, you probably don't remember what scorestreak amount your helicopter comes at, and you don't know how close you are to it, because there isn't a number (e.g. 1250/1400) above that stupid white bar in the corner that just seems to go up and down depending on the weather.

These are the problems, these are what needs to be fixed. This is now your 6th major CoD release Acti (3rd for 3Arc), you really should have your s**t together by now. It can't be that difficult, and if you are having trouble, I can personally come over and help you myself if that's what you need. What I will say is that the vast majority of the CoD community will not carry on putting up with bulls**t, and eventually it will lose it's sheen if "incomplete" products continue to be put forward to the public. I hope this will be read by 3Arc, IW and Acti alike, although I doubt it will, but I have made my case, and I believe, looking at these forums, the case of many players, both casual and hardcore alike, have been made. I suggest the dev's and publisher sort their s**t out, or CoD will sadly end up like the plastic toy band.

PS: Mods on this site, rather than report back to 3Arc, IW and Activision, want to keep us quiet and hide and delete threads that gather a following, so I will post this twice a day until some sort of answer is given. Oh, and this Dave Vahn character, what a waste of a life. Only responds to positive tweets, pussy.

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Took the words right out of my mouth. Worst CoD ever.

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I actually think, when played over LAN, this game is the greatest FPS out there. But online just dosn't work.

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Double post ?

So because you cant maintain a  2.5 - 3 KD ratio

it must mean theres something wrong with Black Ops 2 ?? lol

Just like all the rest ...

To me there is nothing wrong with the game..

Great graphics, Original, new features + an amazing online experience.

In a Nutshell the answers to all you problems can be found on this post

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