A question about map packs.

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Re: A question about map packs.

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Yep. I remember they had a half price sale on a couple of the map packs. You know why? Because MW3 sucked balls. People were running back to Black Ops, looking for a good game that didn't lag so bad. They never did get MW3 lag comp tuned right. If you don't think I am right why did the used price for MW3 drop to $20 already? Because there is no demand for a nearly unplayable, unfun piece of trash like that. It's probably why IW isn't doing the next COD either. Hopefully Neversoft does a good job. I am leary, but am trying to remain optimistic. I want to see another less technological type COD personally. I am sick of all the extra bells and whistles to be honest, and I can't go back and play W@W due to the modding being so bad.

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Re: A question about map packs.

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I really enjoyed the dlc maps in MW3! Ricochet was the only thing IW screwed us with IMO.

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