A funny comparison

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I recently started playing Hc gametypes an have never seen someone leave a game or host migration its weird.

Compare that to core whit every game has it once or twice I saw it happen 4 times one game.

I also notice you tend to find more polite people on there yes there rage but not as much as core..

I'm working on the Hc title for wins I think im at 419 an really come to enjoy it.

Want are your opinion on Hc ? As a new guy to it I enjoy it.

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I will only play HC in CoD.

I gave up on Core after the mess that was MW2, and HC made me love the game again. I agree, far less host migrations, or at least it seems so based on the complaints I see on here. While the dynamics have changed over the years, I think there is less douchebaggery in general. Not saying HC players are of a different caliber, but less players = Less chance to run into a serious DB.

It seems to me to have less lag issues and I just plain enjoy it more without the shenanigans I had put up with in the days when I used to play core.

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i think this sums it up nicely the only time I saw a huge DB was once when I was killed for my package.

The guy ran around trolling the team whit a shield.

Funny I use to love MW2 looking back at it now I feel like a waste an can't believe I earned 10th prestige  on there.

My least favorite Cod Waw though looking back is fantastic .

Mw3 is still king in my opinion.

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I started off on core and made the switch to hc, I mean I play SOME core randomly it helps work on aim since u need half a clip and 100 hit markers to kill a guy on core.

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