A few questions and something from my POV

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I have a few questions for everyone who is complaining about lag(comp). What is so terrible about putting a one, two, or three bar connection on a more equal field of playing?  Is it the fact that you live in an area which offers really good connection types that utilize up to date hardware and believe you deserve a complete and utter advantage over others?

Now from my experience playing, I often one to two bar during peak hours as my ISP's hardware cannot support the load of the area and they don't seem willing to update their hardware to accommodate the load. Anyways, when I have a one bar connection I have to change how I play to do decent and lose soo many gunfights I should have won or get killed out of no where. With a two bar connection things seem a little more even but still lose tons of gunfights. I'm not a terrible player at all but my ability to adjust to my connection is what allows me to play decent to good. When I have a three to four bar I play better than I can ever possibly play when I have one or two bar connection. I get no distinct advantage over someone with a better connection just a better chance against them. When I have a 3/4 bar I don't seem to have a single issue with killing someone that has a 1-2 bar maybe an odd ball death here an there.

Another little note before someone decides to tell me to buy better internet or I shouldn't be playing. I pay my XBL sub and for my internet and sadly nearly the same price as much better ISPs but unfortunately for me it's not avaible where I live. So, I am actually pretty thankful to Treyarch for putting me on a slightly more even field with people who do have the great resources available to them.

So really what's the issue there? Is it that a 1-2 bar stands a chance? Is it because the elitist in you thinks because you have something better entitles you to have the upperhand?

Now time to discuss or answer.

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What? You are happy about lag compensation?

With a steady 4 bar I hate playing against 1-2 bar players. They teleport all over the place and the killcams make no sense whatsoever.

Why should the good suffer for the bad? I can't help that your provider offers a bad connection or that you live in a remote area. Why should my connection get compensated for that?

If I earn 2.000$ each month and you do the same job for 1.000$, that also doesn't mean you get a bonus of 500 while I get compensated with 500, just because I work in a area with a better pay.

How is that logical to you?

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Just so you know that person making 1,000 a month will probably be using governement aid to make ends meet so the person making 2,000 their taxes are helping them but that's a different subject for a different place.

Why should you be compensated? It's quite simple, to put everyone on an slightly equal field of playing. After all we are talking about a video game.

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I get lag now and then but if i wear a bra upon my head i don't lag? Im thinking of creating a woman on my 1980's computer. Should be interesting?

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Whatever causes people to NOT be where I SEE them is not fair. It overly punishes people with a good connection, someone everyone should STRIVE to have in a competitive multiplayer shooter.

Whatever causes bullets to register by the 6th or later bullet is not fair.

Instead of raising up your shitty connection, we get dragged down? That makes so much sense.

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I get that not everyone has access to better than average connectivity. What I don't like is if my search criteria is set to Best, my expectation is that I will play with those that have similar ping (geography) and bandwidth (quality) for a more consistent experience on the hosting side.

Hit detection with even three bar players is noticeably different in a negative sense and I'd rather not deal with it, which I can and do, unless my search is Normal or Any. Or I am online during off-peak hours where this is no choice other than not play.

I'd also rather not get thrown in lobbies with people from Mexico or Canada as they seem to be invincible despite having negative K/D ratios the majority of the time. That's a whole other disfunctional matchmaking story...

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