A Thoughtful Negative Review

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Have played on same connection for two years. Always sucked. Finally okay on Black Ops 2. They just leveled the playing field.

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lol i hate when people say this.  People are saying, and posting vids in some cases, where they shoot the guy 4-5 times, then in the killcam the guy saw them first and their character didn't even shoot. 

If someone is just losing gunfights, then OK maybe they had an advantage before and not now.  But when it's like me, experiencing the above, and the killcam is stuterring and skipping, and I have a 50 down, 8 up connection, I don't think I just all of a sudden suck at Call of Duty because "the playing field has been leveled"

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This is always helpful at understanding how this works.


I haven't had any major issues yet. Week one, I think we'll see improvement down the line.

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Drew, thanks.  Very familiar with macs work (and capps too!).  So here is the question..has his has been CONFIRMED by the gamemakers?  Not that I don't trust mac, very smart guy and love his work on this issue.  But I really would like the gamemaker to put out an official statement.  

Lag comp – Now this is an area that causes more complaints and myths than any other aspect of online Call of Duty gaming . I really don’t want to spend to long on this as its such a wide subject we could be here for days. What I want to address is the most common myths and misconceptions people have about this. It is also worth noting Developers will not discuss aspects in detail as the systems and code they all use is proprietary information.

First off lag comp is a generic term , it isn’t one thing it’s many different things that people have bundled into one all encompassing phrase and scapegoat.  Anyone who grew up pc gaming will remember what happens when “lag” affects gaming, One of the things  ”lag comp” does is to smooth out the visuals you see on screen.  So we don’t have players that seem to skip across the screen , or you or other players don’t appear to be attached to bungee cords. ~What “lag Comp” DOES NOT do is penalise a players connections nor does it penalise players with “best money can buy internet connections”.

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Yeah, except for the fact that he does nothing to back up his claim.  We don't need Treyarch to admit to or confirm Lag Compensation.  It is as plain as day!  Just play Core for a few hours, and every time you lose a gun fight, watch the killcam.

To be clear, when those of us feeling the woes of Lag Compensation say we are "punished" or "penalized" for having a good connection, we are not saying that someone is maliciously affecting our game.  We are merely expressing the result of having our game experience adversely affected by a compensation that gives someone with a slower connection an advantage.  In other words, having a fast connection means what I see isn't what happens, so every gun fight feels like a cheat.

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I guess its all down to personal experiance in the end.  MW3 was a nightmare for me 50 - 50 chance at best, for a good conection and a good game. Soooo frustrating that many nights i would switch it off and go play Zombies instead.

So far no issues with Black Ops 2 totally delighted with it, great maps, i love that you can get shot from anywhere, i love that you can spawn anywhere and that the spawn trapers find themselfs getting shot in the back for a change.

Most of all i love that i am getting 4 green bars all the way and apart from the odd player being a little in front of me which you have to take the good with the bad i am sure in some games there are guys that are a little behind me also.

As for all the threads with people bagging the lag comp, and saying the game is unpalyable etc.  I have to say i just have not experianced it.  Not putting down the guys that are having that experiance as i said earlier it drove me mad in MW3 so i feel for you.  But for me this is the best COD since WAW.

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I read the whole thing and I agree 100 percent. Well stated. I have played since COD 2 myself and noticed the online experience changed after MW2 as far as lag.  I hope it gets sorted. I understand not everyone is suffering a negative experience but I'm in the same boat as the OP and Super.

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9,25 WL Ratio, damn that's a lot of dashboarding newfriend

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You're uninformed and as a result, wrong.  Dashboarding records a loss which in turn would hurt w/l ratio.

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The question has to be asked:  How could it be this bad?  How could they make a game with so many problems, so many flaws, and so many complaints after having 2 years to make it?

You only listed 2 flaws, actually - you said you don't like Lag Compensation and you said the spawning is broken. I even agree with you, but the rest of the game is amazing! You say yourself that spawning has never worked well in a Call of Duty game, so you ca't blame treyarch for not getting it right this time either. So really the only problem is Lag Compensation, and I'm confident that if it's not a temporary problem because it is launch week Treyarch will put out a patch to even things out.

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