5 Mins of probation after one game.......WTH

Black Ops II Xbox 360

A match is usually about 3.30 minutes long. Not a long time.

Plus, I leave loads of matches when it's laggy or I get invites etc. The thing is, I never get probation.

You guys must do it an abusrd amount to get these bans.

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only time i ever expereinced probabtion on the game was when there was that issue with getting it in hc for being booted for tking.

since thats been fixed nope not once and i leave quite a few matches, as im trying to level lmgs atm and playing hckc on some maps is just too annoyingly slow. 

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I just started getting offical probation today. SO it must have started with the patch. It has not stopped me yet. I get a drink, use the bathroom, jerk off, ect, ect...

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I was put on probation for quitting out of a League match. I left before the game started as I was the host. So if i dont accept being the host..... no can play! What a load of crap!

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