5-7 VS TAC-45. Battle of the non-nerfed pistols. What's your choice?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Tac45 ALL day. Its a 2 shot @ close to medium range with long barrel.

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Duel Five Sevens are beastly. They get a 3x boost to their 2 shot range and 20 bullets.

Duel Tac 45s aren't so bad either but they only get an addition of 1/4 of their original range making it still longer than the duel Five Sevens but with much lower clip.

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Just shiy they take one shot to kill somebody in HC mid range, but takes me a burst and half on the swat to do the same job.

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This is a tough one for me.

I really got comfortable with the 5-7, it was the first pistol I worked on for Gold. I love the action on it, can be fired quickly and it is accurate as all get out. Slap the long barrel on it (pretty much the same for all pistols in HC, at least) and it can be used from any range. Nice, clear sight picture with the iron sights.

I hated the Tac at first, but as I got the hang of the iron sights and learned how to time my shots, I really grew to enjoy it.

I personally feel they are both very close. I don't see one as superior over the other. I think it is a matter of personal preference.

I, for one, would love to see them get away from Automatic Pistols in future titles and keep secondaries to Semi-autos.. keeps the challenge. I find the B23 and Kap-40s to be way to easy to use. How the Executioner got included as a pistol I will never understand(What genius decided to have it as headshot challenges rather than follow the same format as the shotties?) The Automatic Secondaries in MW3 were an absolute joke in how effective they were, and really impacted my gameplay experience negatively. Nothing like dying from across the map to an MP9, which was extremely OP in Hardcore Modes.

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I just got both of them to gold tonight -- and...

It's really tight!

Tac-45 is inaccurate, and you're hard pressed to get even two kills with one magazine.

You have to let go of the visual feedback and remember that the second shot hits very close to the first shot regardless of the firing animation.

However, it's two hit kill capability makes it a beast for ranges up to ~33 feet / 10.5 meters, at which point it's recoil animation is a worse problem than it's 3 hit kill from that point and beyond.

At almost twice that range, you can just give up as you need 4 hits to kill, and probably need to reload to get a single kill.

However -- you CAN get 3 or more kills from one magazine in close quarters in a pinch, and when you have to switch from a primary to save your life, you're going to be in close quarters.

Silenced, the Tac-45 adds a layer of strategy to a class with an unsilenced primary weapon.

On one of my sniper classes, I have an XPR-50 ACOG + Fast Mags with Tac-45 silenced on backup.

... it fares really well.

Opponents hear the sniper kill their comrade, but those who come near will only be killed by a silent pistol as you escape the scene.

It gets style points for reminding me of Desert Eagle in form and function..


Five-Seven is pinpoint accurate, but needs three hits to kill very fast, only killing in two hits up to 2.5 meters.

However, it retains it's 3 hit kill range to about 20 meters, just barely longer than the Tac-45's three hit kill range, and is thus more predictable, in a way, because you're always going to expect to need to hit thrice.

The 20 round magazine size is overkill, but I'm not complaining, because you can easily get three kills per magazine and clear an entire room with the Five-Seven.

More importantly, silenced Five-Seven still kills in three hits up to about 18 meters, and unlike the Tac-45, you actually hit the target at that range.

While Tac-45 is for panic-swapping, or sitting on a corner, waiting -- or clearing surprised enemies as you approach from hiding, the Five-Seven is much more than that.

It fails in close quarters, but is accurate enough to have me switch to the Five-Seven on short to medium range encounters, with confidence, when caught with an empty primary.

I when getting hit-detection with my XPR-50 without getting the kill, I often trust the Five-Seven to deal the final blow on shorter ranges.



The choice is impossible.

I feel that the Tac-45 leaves more to chance -- but that chance tends to go in my favor.

It favors aggressive play on enemy territory.

Five-Seven leaves nothing to chance -- but starts at a lower power treshold than Tac-45.

It favors tactical play on objective game modes.


I'm glad I bought the Extra slots pack:

I'm going to have my ten custom classes in the Custom Classes slot 1 dedicated to the Five-Seven, and then my ten custom classes in the Custom Classes slot 10 dedicated to the Tac-45

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Very well put.  Also, you bought the CaC pack essentially to have pistol options?  That's some dedication to your secondaries! 

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They both have their strenghts and weaknesses. They are both the same gun essentially in terms of shots to kill and damage.  The five seven has twice the clip and 1/3rd the recoil of the tac 45.  The tac 45 had 3 times the 2 hit kill range of the five seven.  The one you use should depend on your role for it.  If you are using it as an alternate weapon, like with a sniper rifle or shotgun, I would go with the five seven since it's more balanced.  If you just need another supply of bullets to suppliment an LMG, SMG or assult rifle, I would go with the tac 45 since those weapons work well at medium range to begin with.

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4 times the 2 hit kill range, in fact; 10.5 meters versus 2.5.

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I stand corrected.  Thank you

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Having not used either much since finishing the camo challenges I set them both up for a runaround and it's got to be the Five-Seven. With long barrel in HC there isn't enough between them damage wise to be noticeable. The Five has less recoil, more bullets and is just generally more win. Funny that I can go 29-4 in TDM with it but couldn't do that with an SMG (never really been into them), I should have left the lobby as next game nearly everyone else put pistols on after seeing me running around with it. They're fun to use but it does my head in playing against a load of pistol users.

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