5-7 VS TAC-45. Battle of the non-nerfed pistols. What's your choice?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

While other pistols have been given the nerf stick. Well, I suppose only two..which of the semi auto pistols do you hold dearest to your heart?

In the video displayed I used the TAC-45 (Silenced) in a core TDM environment. I explained my thoughts of the weapon as well as the beneficial close range damage it presents in both song form and useless commentary. I did manage to get a swarm, as was my intention, but about four of the bogeys left shortly after the swarm/dogs  making it harder to find enemies towards the end.

Now, what do you guys prefer as far as the two true single shot semi-auto pistols? Personally, I still choose the 5-7. It does take one more shot in core to get the kill up close (I believe 3 shots) as compared to the TAC which gets in done in two. However, I find that the added ammo is extremely beneficial with the 5-7. I can run it with confidence knowing that the weapon is ridiculously good and capable of taking on multiple bogeys with the large magazine. I found that both the 5-7 and the TAC45 both perform great while running silenced. In fact, I've yet to notice much of a difference at all (damage wise) while running them loud.

After using the TAC more, I do definitely respect it's uplcose power. However, the 5-7 for me still holds supreme. It shoots as fast as you can pull it, and can put down mutliple tangos in tricky situations. In HC I'm curious to see what other people may choose? The TAC seems to be a bit more accurate, and you don't need to put as many bullets to put the enemy down. So, perhaps the TAC is superior in HC? I dont know. I'm not very good at HC, so I'll let you guys comment on that.

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Five-Seven over the Tac for me, 20 round clip is absurd, especially in HC SnD. It renders Overkill moot.

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In HC the 5-7 is the clear winner. The extra range/damage for the Tac doesn't help in HC.

The damage drops at range actually makes the 5-7 more powerful in HC. The Tac kills in one shot up to 61ft/18.6m and the 5-7 kills in one shot up to 66ft/20.1m. They are both 2 hit kills to all ranges outside the ones mentioned.

That means damage/range goes to the 5-7 in HC. Next look at rate of fire and recoil which both go to the 5-7.


In core it's pretty close, but I prefer the Tac simply because I use it as a true secondary pulling it out only in CQC situations. If I'm only using a pistol, the 5-7 has a better overall performance.

They both have the same hip aim assist range of 48ft and the same ADS aim assist of 81ft, so there's no advantage to either here; however, these are the only 2 pistols that have the aim assist range higher than 48ft which is where the Kap and B23 are.

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Five-Seven is worse for close range -- but has a lot more utility.

With Five-Seven, I can kill targets up to 30 meters with EASE.

EASE is in fact not an exaggeration: It can be spammed with pinpoint accuracy.

The Tac-45, not so much -- but it is more effective for short range.

I'm torn between them.

Five-Seven is useless when hip-fired. Akimbo Five-Sevens is just a cruel, cruel joke.

Absolutely useless.

AND a single Five-Seven is troublesome to use on short range, as opposed to close quarters, but excels again on short-medium range where SMGs lose some of their power and accuracy.

Tac-45 is good on close quarters and short range, but is absolutely horrendous on short-medium range.


As for the overpowered pistols:

The nerf was a ~10% range decrease, so they were hardly nerfed.

The best pistols are still BR-23 and KAP-40 -- by miles.

They needed a proper whack with the nerf bat -- but only got a slap with the "We-Love-You-But-The-Commonfolk-Wants-To-See-You-Punished" extra soft pink plush Tender Love whip.

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emmm 10%? thats partly correct. B23R nerfed by 50 inches. it was 500 so its 10% reduction. BUT KAP40, used to be 500, now 300. thats 40% nerf.

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Well. It must have been spanked thrice because it liked it, then.

It's still the best or second best pistol by pretty many miles;

It's a 937.5 RPM pistol that kills in 3 hits on short range.

For comparison, the Vector and MP7 both needs 4 hits to kill at 937.5 RPM.

Vector: 937.5 RPM

3 hit kills: Never

4 hit kills: Up to 550 inches.

5 hit kills: Up to 900 inches.

KAP40: 937.5 RPM

3 hit kills: Up to 300 inches

4 hit kills: Up to 850 inches.

5 hit kills: Up to 1300 inches.

I don't understand why the developers do these kinds of things.

(It has loads of recoil -- but it's a secondary darnit!)

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thats why people avoid using vector! i only used vector to get gold thats it. Vector is a hitmarker machine.

but using kap40 u can only take out 1/2 poeple at close range with that 15 bullets. thats why its a secondary.

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In HC i'd choose 5-7 over any other pistols, if my trigger finger was consistent. With a fast trigger finger you have all you need with this pistol. It is better than any of the other ones.

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5-7 wins in both gamemodes I see. I was just thinking the TAC might have been a little better in HC, but so far it appears not. I guess you can't really beat having 20 bullets, and that's what really sets it apart. Anyway, yeah thanks for giving your answers HC players.

NIce sexy response ADW. I love both weapons, but as you said the TAC is a little iffy at the longer rangers, while the 5-7 offers extremely low visual recoil while being able to spam the trigger as fast as you can. I'd take it all day over the TAC, but the TAC is definitely deadly close range including pretty damn good hip fire capabilities.

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Easily Tac-45. That thing is amazing at close range. The KAP-40 still owns them both, though.

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