3 Things You Don't Know About The EMP Grenade

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Definitely the most informative video I have seen on these forums. Great job!

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I never knew about the EMP grenade closing item boxes.  What a jerk move!

FYI, the EMP is also capable of destroying the Hunter Killer Drone.  It's difficult, but I've managed to accomplish this several times.


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does'nt work on swarm 'tho.. now would'nt that be something!

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If you are lucky you  can throw and EMP grenade down on the floor and stop a hellstorm missile...

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I also have 9 Rejected medals for destroying an enemy hunter killer. A couple of those may have come from using the "emp scorestreak" but know for a fact my emp grenades do work on them as well. Only have 1 Intercepted for destrying an enemy hellstorm. Very usefull in Arms Race.

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I noticed that EMPs are immune to trophy systems. I once got an a uav just for destroying many trophy systems, bouncing betties, a sentry gun, and a guardian.

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some other things the emp does... knocks your aim off and blinds you >.< sure its gone almost as fast as it appears but its around long enough to fubar you in that gun-fight. I can understand stuns adding to my death mid gun fight. I can understand flash bangs. I cant understand why I get screwed over by a EMP that was a good distance away.

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I've been preaching EMP's and Engineer for months! Granted never made a video cuz im not a huge fanboy like some. But yeah the only thing I didnt know was the Zombies one and thats cuz i rarely play zombies, but i spam the shit out of EMP's takes down sentry's and other things quick! Plus you can get a crap load of assists lol.

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Ive taken out multiple hellstorms with it along with dragon fires and the commen sentry/guardian.

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How do u take down a Hellstorm missle with an EMP? I've done RC's Dragonfires, Sentries, HKD's guardians, even I think a K-9 lol.

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