3 Things You Don't Know About The EMP Grenade

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I love running around with the EMP grenade for a few reasons. First off, it's gets you an insane amout of assist xp. Throw it into a group of enemies and your teammates rack you up xp as their picked off. Secondly, It will destroy enemy equipment instantly and rack up even more xp. Bouncing betties, claymores and so on stand no chance against an EMP grenade. It's even easier destroying enemy equipment if you have engineer equiped. It really helps your scorestreaks as well like you said. Thirdly there is no doubt lot's of camping on this game. it makes me smile to toss an EMP grenade over a wall or through a door to destroy their scorestreak that the camper worked so hard to get. Sentry guns, Guardians, RC Car's, just about anything can be intstantly taken out and one less happy camper finding out that it's just not worth staying in one spot.

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Sssssshhh! I don't want people realising how useful these things are!

If I end up against a team throwing down a fu*k ton of bettys / chargers etc I lob these everywhere and get an insane amount of scorestreak points off them. Coupled with Engineer they're amazing.

Played a game on Hijacked last night, those rooms were like christmas trees there was that much stuff in them. One well placed grenade took out a sentry, guardian, 3 bettys, 2 shock charges and a tac. Then there was the EMP assists when my team moved in....

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(its my baby )

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THIS is the type of videos we don't mind seeing on here, good quality, informative, etc and as long as they're not spammed all over I thnk it's a good post.

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i use shock charges against enemny agr

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Apparently, EMP causes people to go blind for a split second. Anyone else think that's retarded?

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SanAndreasPsycho wrote:

Apparently, EMP causes people to go blind for a split second. Anyone else think that's retarded?

No. That's blindness. retardation is a different affliction entirely.

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They can also take out hunter killers, just throw it down when you hear the beeping

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Indeed I found this out by pure luck and accident. I heart the EMP grenade.

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y260 wrote:

The EMP grenade can cause an incredible amount of mayhem. It's not exactly meant to be lethal, but it's a useful tool when you're facing "special" enemies...

I've compiled three of my top secrets with this equipment:

If you don't have time to watch, the three secrets are:

3) Destroying ScoreStreaks

2) Using the EMP Grenade to Advance your Scorestreak

1) Utilizing the EMP Grenade in Zombies

Do you have any EMP grenade tactics to share?

OP... why, oh, why do you need to bring my little friend into the spotlight?


... and make sure you equip with scavenger.... I spam them all over the place.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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