3 Things You Don't Know About The EMP Grenade

Black Ops II Xbox 360

The EMP grenade can cause an incredible amount of mayhem. It's not exactly meant to be lethal, but it's a useful tool when you're facing "special" enemies...

I've compiled three of my top secrets with this equipment:

If you don't have time to watch, the three secrets are:

3) Destroying ScoreStreaks

2) Using the EMP Grenade to Advance your Scorestreak

1) Utilizing the EMP Grenade in Zombies

Do you have any EMP grenade tactics to share?

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I use it to take out the Dragonfire sometimes, a bit safer than the slow Blackhat.

I also use it to kill electroman in Zombies, I didn't know about that denying weapons part, I'm gonna troll my friends now.

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my friend trolled me by taking out jugg when i had the raygun and he had the hamr and rpd pack a punched....untill i took out tombstone and led a round 22 train to him now he says im a dick

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Nice tips!! I had no idea these things worked through walls. Was that COD4 music you used?

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Yep good ol' classical music there.

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Nice vid. Whats the bet Tmartn (or iFly) comes out with a similar one in a few days?

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I died and went to eHeaven. Someone did a pretty proper video thread. It could use a bit more content, but the meat and potatoes are there.

<3 you.

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<3 you too.

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I know I first saw the vidoe and was eh.. spam video.. then read the thread and watched the video and was like wtf? This person tried to follow the rules about posting videos here?!!!! OMGWTFBBQ!

Too bad more would not follow this persons example...would actually make video's somewhat worth watching again.

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cool thanks for the heads up .. been starting to use these abit more lately with my domination group . so handy when it comes to sentry guns and guardians

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