3 Things You Don't Know About The EMP Grenade

Black Ops II Xbox 360

EMP the guy while he's driving the Hellstorm on his laptop.

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Really?! I never knew that. Serisouly not even sarcasm! Lol. That is like luck! Cuz by the time I hear "Hellstorm missle incoming" im dead lol

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Not sure if any one has mentioned this but on grief u can throw it at the pack a punch machine when the enemy is pap there gun and they lose it.... Hear a lot of rage!

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In zombies, the EMP effect lasts until you shoot. If you dont shoot it just sleeps indefinately.

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If you walk at full speed or not crouch they wake up

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Are you guys all new to the game or something? Emp grenades are buffed from MW3 and are by far the most prevelant tactical grenade in the game. They are spammed constantly.

Anyway, here's a tip that not many people know: If you have emp grenades and you get hit by one, throw on of your EMPs at your feet and the effect cancels out the one the enemy hit you with. This might be glitch.

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Last night I spotted this player with a barricade of equipment that made me almost drool on myself.  With the help of Engineer, I spot a friggin village of red across the map on Yemen.  2 Guardians, 1 Sentry gun and an array of shock charges.  I got there as fast as I could but only got one of the Guardians, the Sentry and a list of shock charges- Lots of points fo sho- Thank you Emp Nade

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