2 Headshots Medals, only one pull of the trigger!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Sometimes, we get something cool happpening.

Like yesterday night,

Hardcore Team Deathmatch on Overflow.

Trying to level up my sniper, the last one, i forgot is exact nam. So I equip it and as secondary, the famous BSR3 3 round burst pistol.

Die a few times without doing anything good, then I take my pistol and start to run with Lightweight.

Go in the building under construction, there is no UAV up, but by experience I know its a nice place to make surprise attack.

In the room where there is the hole in the brick where you see the other part of the street, a sniper is there.

I put the brakes on, put up my pistol fast because of my Dexterity perk, pull the trigger once.

200 points on my screen. Headshot medals, headshot medals, double kill medals!!!!


There was another guy beside the first one that was kneeling aiming thru the brick hole also!!! I dint see him , he was hide by the first sniper.

So that was a nice surprise.

Went to see it in theather mode with the free roaming camera, yep, a lucky shot that looked very nice in free roaming camera.

For the non beliver in you, ill try to figure out how to post that on youtube.

Anyone else had a similar situation happen?

* edit I was not having the dead silence perk

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Its been a challenge in IW games, i hit it alot spawn sniping on mw2 search and destroy

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I do this daily with my dsr 50. And I've done few times with smgs as well. Not that hard when this game is filled with camper butt buddies.

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Havent said it was hard... in my case it wasnt at all, since i only knew I did it when the points and medals started popping on top of my screen.

Just some luck, and a sound design that allow a guy to run full throttle and not be heard.

It would not had happen in Black ops 1, at least one of them would had heard me coming and turn or move or try to do something

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