100 kill with a Riot Shield? You having a Laugh?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

The riot shield guys must be having a headache due to the ease of killing them since I just got this game and I already know how to combat them easily (using the R870 MCS with laser and long barrel)

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  • I had a 1.25 KD before I started the riot shield challenge after the 100 kills I stopped with a 0.75 But who cares. You're right the riot shield is made for campers who headglitch. So use it that way, play an objective game mode like demolition, camp the bomb site and when you see someone planting go in for the kill. Use shockcharges and flashbangs and never run directly at them. Also use flack jacket for when people throw grenades to clear the bombsite, cold blooded for obvious reasons and tac mask so u won't stun or flash yourself to much. 2 Shock charges and 2 flashbangs (mabie even a black hat if you don't want to carry a launcher to take out UAV because camping the bomb means you don't want people to find out you're camping) and regularly change lobbies because after a match or two there will be people in the lobby looking for you at the bombsites.
    On the other hand, you could play hardcore wich makes it a one hit kill but keep in mind, it isn't that hard to strafe around the riotshielder and you will get downed a lot faster. And when I did the challenge I watched the killcams to figure out what went wrong to find out people were shooting and stabbing the front of the riotshield and downing me, so camping isn't a fun but necessery thing to do. Unless you boost but you don't want to do that or Sandy Ravage will be coming over to visit you
    As for the youtubers with a golden riotshield, believe me when I tell you they boosted or camped their ass off, don't listen to any vids that explain how to use it because it's a load of crap.

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DonCiola13 wrote:

  • with a golden riotshield, believe me when I tell you they boosted or camped their ass off, don't listen to any vids that explain how to use it because it's a load of crap.

Well said....

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so that means people think i boosted for my diamond shield? ... awww, i runned a marathon at hardcore to get it :c

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Midwolf wrote:

I can promise NO ONE in Black ops 2 Game will get this, 100 kills with Riot Shield, I have prestaged 2 guns now and fully completed them, I am a gamer and like to work for something and unlocking things is fun to me and my next one is the Riot Shield, after all I used a Token to unlock it so I needed Use it, BUT OMG is the Riot Shield Broke, its not even usable unless your Locking it into the ground and camping behind it...

You have get kills with it Which is IMPOSSIBLE,

erm quite a couple of my clannies have gold, ive seen loads of gold shield and a few diamond ones in game..

As NDF said its a challenge.. anyways that aside stop whining, jusy grind the kills out in hc wont take long at all

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uh just saying, i just got my gold riot shield and it was the easiest one for me, all you have to do is run it in hardcore... my riot shield KD is positive, just stick to buildings and dont run out in the middle of the field

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Screenshots of positive KD or you're lying.

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I managed to get diamond on all specials 2 months back. The assault shield was obviously the hardest, but it's not impossible to get 100 kills, which is the easy part. So what? My KD had to suffer when I had to do the challenge without perks on, and my KD's on 0.99 right now, been trying to get it over 1 ever since. It's hard, but not impossible.

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my kdr also went down, wich is something i couldnt care .-.

riot shield isnt the hardest, the xbow is, i mean, its nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get a bloodthirsty with that shit ._.

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If you are having such a hard time then just camp in a corner or you could just not get diamond on it.

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