100 kill with a Riot Shield? You having a Laugh?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

so how are we making it worse? i'd rather not insult you, but scrubs like you can get the occasional easy kill while we hunt down our challenges. if you don't want gold or diamond for that matter dont try. just stick with the same guns and gun classes that get you the easy kill. the rest of us will challenge ourselves and our peers in the race to master all that we can. in the end i can assure you we are the better players, more skilled and ready to adapt to the situation and the firearms we find on the field of play.

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2 Concussion Grenades, scavenger, fast hands, tac mask, Assault Shield.  And then whatever you want to fill the class. 

I have the specials diamond and this was the least painful class for the assault shield.  Try different set ups or ask for advice instead of whining like a moron about how a CHALLENGE is difficult.  Understand that trying to get the worst weapons gold will result in a lot of deaths because you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

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This is how I got my diamond Assault Shield. Shock charges work very well, too.

Once you get the 100, the next challenges unlocked require 25 kills with no equipment and 25 kills with no perks. Have fun with that.

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This pretty much will be your best bet. I think I went 22-8 on a match of HC with the shield only. Concussion grenades are just hands down a must have for the shield kills and HC helps tremendously.

lol kind of wish I could just captain america my shield and throw it at someone.

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I'll say it again.. they are called challenges. They aren't meant to be easy.

If people actually earn it, more respect to them.

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nuff said.

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My friend got his, and I am working on mine.. Its not hard. Use the shield in Domination. Everyone rushes the flags. I run no weapon, shield and throwing axes. I dont get a lot of kills, but I still place top 3 if not 1 with score. You can capture points like crazy, and when people come to challenge your flag you just bash them. Not that big of a deal. Just cant really care about your KD ratio. Hope that helps

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I agree that it's an annoying challenge as I only managed 1 kill with the shield, but there are harder challenges out there. For example, the multikill challenges beyond Triple Killer such as Frenzy, Fury, Super, Mega, Ultra, and Chain Killer are a pain to earn in KC legit as so far I earned 3 Fury Kill medals, 2 of which are on Hijacked, 1 in Slums, and 1 Frenzy Kill medal with that coming from killing Christmas noobs on Slums; it could've been a Super Kill medal or a Mega Kill for a calling card and 8000XP if an enemy spawned near me after wiping out the enemy team; I'm thankful for walking away with a new skull for my emblem and 6000XP which will likely not happen again for awhile until I jump into ground war. Just enjoy BO2, it'll come eventually.

On another note, I'm approaching diamond SMGs and yes, I've seen a diamond riot shield before.

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I have my gold riot shield. It's not that hard.

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Well I have to say even though the riot shield is a pile of poop and as much use as a chocolate watch 100 shield bashes isn't that hard over the games life span ( a year)

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