100 kill with a Riot Shield? You having a Laugh?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Before anyone Starts complaining that I am ripping the game "I'm Not" Yes the Game has So many faults I don't want get into it, I'll just suffer and play it, After all its Treyarch Not activision who personally think they make the best Call of duty Games, But anyways on with my Problem and I challenge anyone Else to get this, I can promise NO ONE in Black ops 2 Game will get this, 100 kills with Riot Shield, I have prestaged 2 guns now and fully completed them, I am a gamer and like to work for something and unlocking things is fun to me and my next one is the Riot Shield, after all I used a Token to unlock it so I needed Use it, BUT OMG is the Riot Shield Broke, its not even usable unless your Locking it into the ground and camping behind it...

You have get kills with it Which is IMPOSSIBLE, I even camped with 2 Shock Charges so I can run it and Bash them and get the Kill but NOTHING works, When you run in at them, there gun goes Through your shield and kills you, What is the Point in a shield that doesn't protect you, Not only that you have get 100 kills, NOT 100 shield blocks which is what a shield is for but 100 kills, thats so STUPID, I wouldn't mind if it wasn't so glitched that it bashing past them or bullets go through it and kill me... FIX the Damn game, 100 kills, so stupid...

you need patch it and fix what you need do to unlock Camo, you Block with a shield NOT kill, like the SMAW you have, ITS FOR TAKING DOWN UAV and Aircraft but Yet to unlock Camo you need get kills, NOT just any kills but Double kills etc, you know people HATE noob tubers and Campers right?

Like you love them and want reward them, people whom rush in on this game Die, this game is for campers only and in the end, only campers will play this game, no one winning a TDM has everyone is camping the match out.. Sad...

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plenty of neck high, head glitching friendly spots for it too. weak sauce

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I saw a Gold Riot shield once, that must have been some dedication.

Everyone hates a dude with a rocket launcher, and they make you get kills with one to get camos?

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lol wierdly enogh I have 77, but at the cost of how many deaths lmao I think around 600 atleast.

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I saw a guy with the gold shield too. I reckon they boosted to get it coz that is impossible.

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Hmmm. Why am I so tempted to go for a diamond shield?

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Really? Go into hardcore. It's 1 bash kill. Whine much? Already have my gold shield, working on Diamond Camo now.

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Dimond riot sheild, go to HC modes

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You do realize they are called challenges right?? its not a free camo, its something that you have to work for. Players who go around trying to get all the camos are just making the game worse and that is where most othe boosting has come from. does having diamond camo on your pistol make it shoot better?

sure itd be cool to have a golden pistol but i do not run around with it out all the time just to get headshots to get the camos. If there is a guy sitting in a corner sure ill take the headshot, eventurally ill get to gold. Until then my pistol still seems to work just fine to me. the game has been out for a month and everyone wants all diamond camos for everything already and if they cant get it they complain its too hard.

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