ok now im confused..

Black Ops II Wii-U

3arc's "day" begins at 7pm (EST).  So you have to play within 7pm(EST) and 7am(EST) in order to keep your tallies.  If you did not, then you will loose a tally.  Obviously some of your game time fell in between those hours and made you loose a tally, it is what it is and they are very easy to achieve. 

Hope this helps.  Happy Hunting. 

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Ok, so you had 5 tally marks (BLUE EYES) cause 4 tally marks is no blue eyes...

It's frustrating to own a game where there is little to no guidence on the game or the ranking system. We have a team mate who lost his blue eyes (skull/knife) and it took him several days to get them back and he plays religiously everyday. I would sway more towards - }{ow much you play & }{ow well you do everyday.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you do on the last several games you played?

200 kills 1 downs?

400 kills 0 downs?...

I would start up SOLO lets say Transit and rock out a 1k kills with 0 downs and then quit the game, this will vastly improve your kill/death_or_down ratio. Please remember I am merely trying to give you insight on how to keep your blue eyes or better yet rank up to a higher level

}{ope this }{elps

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thank you. i really dont care about my rank or skull, just wanted to know why but i do appreciate your advice.

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