ive heard rumors black ops 2 got delayed till late december is that true? moderator please reply

Black Ops II Wii-U

ive been hearing alot of news its getting delayed i hope this is not true and is just a troll cause i have my days off of work around black ops 2 and cant change them

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I'm not a moderator, but the game is still scheduled to be released November 13th. No delays.

- TopFighter

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holey crap i got trolled by some guy that had a phot shop of call of duty twitter page in a youtube vid anyways

A moderator can end this thread if you want i seriously almost cried

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im not a mod either but its not being delayed. nothing can stop it now. its too soon to be delayed so they wont. black ops 2=13 november. it will stay tht way no matter what anyone says dont listen to any1 if they say that junk

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Activision wouldn't in a million years let a CoD game slip past it's release date.

..and, considering the number of Call of Duty's we've had so far, it looks like we'll get to test that million year thing out.

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Activision would never miss a date they would send it out even if it was still in wire frame!

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The game is being released November 13th. No delay. (Basically what TopFighter said. )

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I sure would hope they'd announce something like this official.  You sir were trolled.  I never believe anything until I look it up officially for myself. 

Thanks for weighing in Jeepchick. 

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NOPE. THE GAME launches 11-13-2012 in morning

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If you want to know without asking anyone scroll all the way up and look at the date under the Call of Duty Black ops 2 sign. If it were to get pushed back that number would change.

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