it has begun i know what it means!!!

Black Ops II Wii-U

it has begun means they just started developing it... that way its rushed and full of glitches thats why there is no info!

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LOL, funny I was thinking the exact same thing. The behind the scenes footage showing stills was a bit of a worry. I bet there are rd99 glitchers on the 1st day again

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Have a cookie.

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er thanks, keep taking the pills bro.

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I will brother.

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Just wrong, You do realize that Treyarch has their own Zombies team correct? -_-

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They transferred the MP team to zombies.  Now we have MP Zombies.  Don't believe me?  Just wait.

Yes, everyone is correct.  They will have TONS of glitches in the new maps.  Take Five for example, the second map in BO.  It STILL has glitches today!  Hop on the window seal and wait for somebody else to do the work.  Don't like that one?  How about standing above the elevator and sitting there until Doomsday.  I could go on.

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You must be on PS3, because those glitches were fixed by January on 360.

In the end, there'll always be glitches in maps.  The devs don't take nearly as much time as some people waste trying to find every knife lunge possible and such.  They make the map, take out the obvious issues, make sure previous issues won't happen, then let players find problems.  Then they fix it and clear those people off the leaderboards. 

But no, they didn't just start making zombies.  They've been working on this for a while.

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Just developing it & porting it for the PS3  <----  Hope that's not the case.

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If they had started now than they would not finish it you idiot. This means that we are going to get a Zombies trailer.

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