hardcore wager match

Black Ops II Wii-U

i would like hardcore wager match because... well im a fan of hardcore mode so, i just think it would be a great idea for those who like wager match and hardcore so tell me if you think its a bad idea or a good idea or wether it would or would not work out

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it would make sense, they have a hardcore version of everything else, so why not?

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thats what is exactly what i was thinking when i wrote this

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If its not for zombies then you need to move the post k but yeah hardcore wager matches would be cool bro

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They don't have wager matches anymore.  This post doesn't belong in zombies...unless Zombies is going MP.  They have some kiddie version coming up in BO2, I forgot what it's called.

I tried wager matches.  I earned more points through osmosis. 

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