Black Ops II Wii-U


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its a kewl idea, but it would give people unlimited amounts of time to go and do whatever they want.  and while thats exactly what players want, its not what developers want, U could just leave the zombie in the cage and go explore other parts of the map, which sounds awesome to u and me, but I think they want us to see the map with the stress and pressure of knowing that the undead horde is always right behind you.  although I would like an opportunity to run around the new maps, unhindered by hordes of the undead, just to see what items are laying around, what can be picked up, try to find the begninning of any EE's...

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There are MUCH better options for taking breaks without creating a cage for a crawler.  They should fix it where the higher rounds aren't 1-2 hours long.  Let players earn timeouts, not punish them for getting to the higher rounds.  I get that the higher rounds should be more difficult, but life gets in the way and it's only natural that players do something else in between hitting traps until infinity.

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