Your thoughts on TranZit as an overall map and what could make it better or what you think should change.

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Your thoughts on TranZit as an overall map and wha...

  • All the developers should be proud of TranZit but there are a few things annoying me about the new zombies mode (I love zombies so nothing really could possibly make me hate it); such as the wall guns: These weapons are exactly the same as blops except for the remmington and the 3 shot burst pistol and the mp5 but come on - its the mp5k from before, except now there are less wall guns in a much larger map, which doesnt make sense to me. The original zombies maps had different wall guns every map, which I personally think would be better than the same reused weapons every map - give the players something new they can try and love. Also it seems like you guys took 5 steps forward but one step back by not putting all the perks into this map. Tranzit is very fun and clever but the locations the bus stops at are also small which I don't really care about. Some people I know who are average or below average zombies players find the building items and riding the bus too complicated, but I think those features are cool and innovative. I think the electro boss zombie is a good addition as well as the gremlins (even though a lot of people who don't know how to easily deal with them hate them) and new weapons. I am not a fan of tombstone however because I generally try not to die and dont use quick revive on solo because I feel it makes it okay for me to go down - tombstone is the same thing just multiplayer, which I can see how its usefull especially when you get seperated and go down with tombstone. Overall I think the creators did an excelent job on the new zombies, keep up the good work and keep the hordes coming.
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Re: Your thoughts on TranZit as an overall map and...

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I hope they add some sort of Denizen repellant

and i would love it if they added more secret location such as nacht

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Re: Your thoughts on TranZit as an overall map and...

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Bigger size? I dont feel its bigger than moon. Sure mere mile count might be higher. But just because you add in hallway paths between locations does not make it bigger. There is alot of dead space in those fog runs that is not accessible. Im talking about square footage of actual playable areas. Transit is indeed smaller.

Im not a fan of Tombstone either. Quite frank its a wasted perk, on transit. On the small survivor maps, its useful. But since you must die fully, to retrieve the benifeits. It loses alot. Would be much better, if it worked on revive as well. Just make the tombstone icon drop randomly on location you died.

Then Id rather have all the previous guns, as well as the newer ones. I dont even care if you re-skinned the weapons(to maintain some type of balance). Just more things to shoot and use. I miss the psh-41 and stg and stuff.

Then the 1-perk that meant alot to me was "Mule Kick". I dont normally glitch. But for 3-guns i sure did, whenever i was able to. Then the perk made me not have to worry about that.

Then phdflopper, would alleviate the headache of the lava. Ive gotten used to it. But still making me decide on this perk over say mule kick and others. Would make games play out differently. If i chose a certain way i wish to play.

Then cookie cutter maps for survival, was a huge mistake. What fun is it? when i already know the map from the main mode? Then survival is supposed to be the main mode, its what made the game to begin with... I do indeed like transit though.

Survival maps way to small, not many doors. Perks around every corner. No "turn on the power" thing to find, nothing. Then some with no perks, or no packapunch. You gave options for headshot only and stuff, why not the perks and packapunch as well. It limits the dinky maps even more as is.

Grief mode is ok, but it is so slow. Zombie spawn is so slow at the begining. Then blocking doors by laying down, is no fun by any means. But a sure fire advantage over other team. Id much rather be able to kill the enemy team with bullets, say after round 10. Or some better methods to sabotage the enemy team.

But im still having fun with it, transit that is.

I wish you guys would just make this a standalone game already. Or at the very least. Make zombie only dedicated map packs instead of added in with multiplayer mappacks.

Or continue to release zombie map packs even after the next call of duty comes out. Which for treyarch will be 3 years from now?

Getting to the point. That i wish someone would just rip the damn idea and make it a standalone game already.

I do not play callofduty. I play zombies... Im sure im not alone, by far....

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Re: Your thoughts on TranZit as an overall map and...

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first off its bigger than moon you need to discover the map. second off its perfect

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Re: Your thoughts on TranZit as an overall map and...

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tombstone didn twork for me once. I died and it did not appear beside me when i respawned...

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Re: Your thoughts on TranZit as an overall map and...

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For tombstone to work , when you go down you need to hold square and when the bar fills up it will kill you and leave a tombstone , if you press square and let go it will kill you and wont spawn a tombstone

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Re: Your thoughts on TranZit as an overall map and...

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I actually really like Tranzit. The secret locations, perks, bigger map, the bus, bulidables. It's a lot of fun. The Easter Egg didn't feel like a huge pain in the ass this time and the new characters are fine.

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Re: Your thoughts on TranZit as an overall map and...

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Sorry, not my cup o' Tea to ride in a bus playing Zombies. I will stick to The Survival Modes. Tranzit is not My Favorite.

Survival on Bus, and Farm are the best. Town has to much LAVA

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Re: Your thoughts on TranZit as an overall map and...

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I love it and wouldn't change anything.  There are "perma perks" you can get, so there is no need to put all the perks into the map, you just need to take the time and earn them.   

I love how it develops as well.  The further you get, the more the story advances.  Great ideas. 

I wish the survival maps were bigger, but when they release the DLC's, I'm sure they will be releasing new maps that aren't designed off of Tranzit. 

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