Wii u dlc and why we should get it

Black Ops II Wii-U


as it passed.  Years we have gotten only one Dlc Newtown 2025 and that with that update we got a glitch that showed that we may get more Dlc  but, we will fooled into believing that we would get the Dlc but instead we did not.I see no reason why we shouldn't get the DOC  because we already got one of them and we should not be left out of the loop of the other game consoles from them getting all the DLC  as we sit back and do not get the DLC  I don't understand why Activision wI'll  not give us them. We said that we would pay for it if necessary but they still the night in all we want is all the DOC instead of the basic maps and guns  that we get with the stand  issued game .Activision will make more money if they did this or they will lose money  by giving us it for free. But I see no how much money they will lose because they still have black ops three and all the DLC and weaponry from there.

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Probably the don't care about Nintendo community as much we want to. I was willing to pay for new maps for BO2 and Ghosts, but Activision denied this option after selling numbers of these games for Wii U. 

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yea probably not... they should add dlc tho

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I'm sure the wii u community would be glad to buy dlc map packs . The wii u black ops 2 lobby could gain more players than expected . Activision won't give us a chance . We ,if anything,deserve an explanation . 

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