Wii remote, ADS, aim-assist (critical assessment)

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Wii remote, ADS, aim-assist (critical assessment)

Black Ops 2 has sat on my shelf for the last couple months and will likely remain there. Before I completely throw in the towel with this game and this forum I want to make one last topic where I attempt to address the issues I have with the wiimote control mechanics and why they are problematic.

As people on these forums who are familiar with me probably know my biggest gripe with the wii remote is the camera-lock that occurs during the ADS animation. Camera-lock persists until the player moves his cursor elsewhere on the screen. The player does not directly control when the release of camera-lock occurs which creates an arbitrary and difficult to judge feel to an already annoying mechanic. Wii remote players rely on the movement of the camera just as much as the movement of their cursor to track a target. This camera-lock creates a two-fold problem. When the player aims down sight and camera-rotation abruptly stops, the target (unless stationary and at the center of the camera) is lost. When the player adjusts his cursor to counteract for the camera-lock the camera releases its lock and causes the player to once again lose his target.

The ADS camera-lock scenario that I've described causes a very handicapped playing style where I feel that I cannot ADS in the middle of a gunfight. If I come across an opponent I have to decide whether it is better to (A) fire from the hip and hope I land enough bullets to kill my opponent or (B) go through the conscious steps of ADSing and deliberately shaking my cursor to cancel camera-lock and then reacquire my target once I have regained control of the camera (this assumes my opponent hasn't already killed me). I often end up equipping stock and just walking around while aiming down sight so I never have to ADS during an actual gunfight. The reason many dual-analog players see wiimoters firing exclusively from the hip in their kill-cams is because the wiimoter has no choice. ADSing and then consciously going through the motions of canceling camera-lock to reacquire their target would have been too time consuming; choosing (A) and hosing them was simply the easier choice.

The mechanic for wiimote aim-assist makes no since, is counterintuitive and simply doesn't function in the same rational way that dual-analog aim-assist works. For aim-assist to initiate a wiimoter has to ADS with his cursor exactly on his target to "hook" his target. Once the target is hooked the wiimoter must very consciously try not to aim because aiming will actually cause him to lose his target. This ultimately results in an ADS "fishing" technique.

Here is that technique in action:

Admittedly the above clip was recorded during a period of elevated wiimote aim-assist but this technique is still the best way to abuse (or in actuality the only effective way of using) Wii remote aim-assist.

Here are my solutions:

To fix the camera-lock problem the camera rotation-speed must smoothly transition from hip-fire-rotation-speed to ADS-rotation-speed without camera-lock occurring. I know this can be done because since last patch this is exactly how ADS functions when ADSing on the peripherals of the screen.

To fix wii remote aim-assist the camera must rely on the same friction and drag principles as dual-analog aim-assist. It is likely way to late in BO2 development cycle to implement this. In my opinion wii remote doesn't actually need aim-assist. It is another variable that a wiimoter must contend with and is unnecessary. As the game functions now aim-assist is really only useful as a way of mitigating the difficulties of dealing with ADS camera-lock.

This is just like my opinion man.

I'll come back to the Nintendo CoD community when and if Treyarch fixes these mechanics. If these mechanics aren't fixed with BO2 they will still be broken in the next rendition of Call of Duty.

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I kind of rely on the camera lock at times when sniping. My problem is with it, is that the camer lock sometimes literally locks and won't respond even when moving the Wii Remote. After a few seconds it does, and then the cursor moves slowly. Before a few patches ago, it use to happen all the time in some lobbies, in other lobbies it would never happen. It's like it would happen at random, or would depend on the lobby i was in. As of late, its barely been happening, even if i cycle through 10 different lobbies. Just a once in a while hiccup, thankfully. The camera lock, since many people have complained about it, i think a compromise is in order: Why not just make camera lock an option to be disabled or enabled? it gives more customization to the player, but for those who wish to keep it it can be kept?

Jumping over cover when trying to hold breath has also been an annoying issue though. I REALLY want this issue to be fixed.

if lag isn't causing me any issues, i can handle myself fine in a gun fight, even if i'm using the Wii Remote with aim assist off.When playing on normal search preferences, i get hiccups often with lag. In the same game the lag can be horrendous, but then later that same game it can be to a minimal. If normal games can become less laggy, then that will make my experience on this game all the better.

At the moment, the Wii Remote is decent, but it can still be improved. Hopefully, all the issues with it will be sorted out before April/May.

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Re: Wii remote, ADS, aim-assist (critical assessme...

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He's not talking about the push a button camera lock. (With that damn annoying 'climb over things or accidentally control your kill streak.)

He's talking about when a wiimoter goes into ADS having everthing, both camera and gun stop turning and then having to jerk the gun (wiimote) to get it moving again..

The enemy keeps moving, but you freeze up for a second and then have to apply extra effort to break free. By then you're usually dead.

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