Wii U To Receive Full DLC For Black Ops 2 On August 15

Black Ops II Wii-U

Well not really, and I know that most of you will be upset at this post, but this will grab Treyarch's attention (and has your's). In the comment type DLC in protest. If everyone who reads this does that, it could make a difference.

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Um, no, I've had it with this game, and some how it just got worse. Scrap this pile of cr@p and move on..

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We deserve full DLC

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In all honesty, we don't really deserve DLC.  Nobody does.  Many want DLC, yes.  Do we need DLC?  It would surely extend the life of the game and make it feel a little more fresh.

As the Nuketown2025 update showed, it made a lot of gamers come back and the player count climbed.  That was just with one old map.  Granted...it was a free map that everybody got via a forced update.

It's a different matter if they ask a price for a set maps.  Not everybody would want to buy them.  This would simply cause a problem where the current player count becomes split between those that bought it and those that didn't.  It wouldn't be as much of an impact on the numbers since a single DLC pack (if not stupidly priced) could easily double the player count, meaning that a split shouldn't be as noticable unless only a percentage bought (or didn't buy) the DLC.  The lesser of the two would get the crap end of the deal.

The only way to really get around this is to either make it a free DLC pack (lmao, right...) or make it a mandatory purchase for all (they can't do this and I am glad that they can't).

If they had shown full support from the very beginning then there wouldn't be this general view of the Nintendo platform for CoD and there wouldn't be these issues.  We would probably have still had the lesser player count of all platforms, I guess.  Probably not much better than PC.  But nowhere near how bad it is now because we were thrown a bone while the others got the full joint.

The results of the Nuketown2025 map is promising (though I've yet to actually play the damn map in regulap MP).  But we will have to wait and see what they do to try and nurture and improve the situation, if they have those plans at all.

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LOL, um nope. I am personally real happy with the latest update. I thought that was pretty damn cool of them to include us in the latest double xp weekend. At this point they already know we want the dlc so there is no need to keep on complaining about it. As they can see how many users are online on the game. It all has to do with the number of copies sold. Once we meet whatever that magic number is they will include us on the rest. (providing it happens soon)

I really don't need the dlc I am good without it. When I get tired of playing black ops 2 I just play a different game.

I am also trying different playing styles. (sniping, blast shielding, pistol with knife, using no bullets just knives, ect)

Currently I am on a mission to blow all cars and anything else that explodes within the first 3 minutes of the game.

Yep those cars did a horrible thing and now must pay.

Everyone just needs to chill out about the whole "I'm mad about this" crap with the wii u. Spend more time gaming and less time complaining. I view the changes to the wiimote as a new challenge. Just something you have to get used to/ get over.

I mean come on with the dlc crap. Obviously they know everyone wants dlc as they keep making dlc. If it didn't sell they wouldn't make it.

And as bughunt keeps having to sound like a broken record this is the reason we currently don't have dlc.

@bughunt I don't know if they will ever get it with the reason for no dlc.

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Sadly, we may keep getting these kind of threads.  We always do as soon as any hint of DLC "anything" breezes the Wii U forums.  I know that there are a fair few, like yourself, that do realise what would happen if any type of optional DLC were to be released with a low player count.  But some wouldn't understand unless it was done and the consequences are there to experience first hand.

It's a Catch-22 situation, unfortunatley.

Low support and no additional content meant low sales/players early on.  To build the numbers would mean to demonstrate support and content.  The catch is that releasing optional content at present would mean splitting the player base and could make the situation worse for the minority.

I don't really need DLC.  I'd like it and would buy it at a reasonable price.  But it looks like you are totally right when you said this:

schitzotm wrote:

As they can see how many users are online on the game. It all has to do with the number of copies sold. Once we meet whatever that magic number is they will include us on the rest.

Nuketown2025 has proven that it is possible on the Wii U and Nintendo allows deveopers to set their prices in the eShop.

The only other factor is just be the numbers.  As I said, the surge of players following Nuketown2025 is promising...but still a gamble at present.

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What Activision needs to do once AW is released, is to sell DLC for half price for all previous cod titles, and include the Wii U in that deal too, or sell all the maps together in a package deal for each title.

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DLC wiiu prosest 


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