Where has support gone?

Black Ops II Wii-U

Re: Where has support gone?

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here is what we should do, STOP buying this franchise, at least for this console, i bought this game cause of a need for a fps game, and i definetly didnt buy wii u cause of 3rd party games, if you want COD games so much i would recomend buying it for PC (if u dont want to support other consoles, if u want you are free to do so) i personally consider the PC version better cause u can use an xbox controller, PS3 controller wii u pro controler, keyboard or any other controller that can be conected to PC (not sure if wii mote).

I learned my lesson here, i wont buy any COD title if another one is released for nintendo, besides there are great games coming up this great console that 3rd party developers havent used to its max potential.

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