Welcome To Call of Duty: QuickScope Ops 2.

Black Ops II Wii-U

Padiego wrote:

What pisses me off are the tac insert spawn trapping quickscopers. There's no counter. Once you get stuck, there's no way out. Thanks to the crappy spawns, it really takes to effort to trap a team in their spawn. After that, it's smooth sailing. Just pick people off as soon as they spawn.

What you need is deathstreaks.

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Don't bring MW3 into this. We'll have a reverse MOAB on our hands XD

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Oh man. YES!  Dead man's lag switch.

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This game does a bad job at trying to be fast and creative. Poor man's mw3.

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0:06 = Easy Noob Shit

+0:11= Easy Noob Shit

+0:16= Easy Noob Shit

+0:20= Easy Noob Shit

+0:23= Easy Noob Shit with LagCompensation

+0:27= Easy Noob Shit with very very bad LagCompensation
+0:33= Easy Noob Shit

+0:35-1:42= Every Noob can do this crap

= a big big BIG Noob Game with aim assist and LagC. ( no skill required )

Fazit: play Battlefield

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HATE people who do that BS half scope. Prove that you don't have target assist on, or this video is just another scrub session.

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How does aim assist help with scoping in if you're already aiming at the guy?

Also I think that half scope thing is just a killcam glitch. There's been a few times when I got the final killcam while sniping and it showed me doing the half scope in when I actually aimed all the way in on my screen.

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I think so too.  Even the target finder does that sometimes. 

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god just youtube how to qscope instead of dismissimg everything everone says ever, sure you o it just to troll

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If I'm being a troll, then explain to me what does quickscoping has to do with aim assist? And how is it possible that there's quickscopers on the PC and CCP quickscopers on MW3 if quickscoping is an "aim assist exploit"?

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