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and I just realized I wasn't using the most important perk which is Toughness.

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Uh, I was gonna ask because of your "4bullets before his one" comment. Flinch is terrible in this game, I have toughness on in evry class unless I'm going for camo challenges. It is a must have perk as far as I'm concerned, it is the deciding factor in most gun battles. Yeah its just my opinion but I'm pretty confident most would agree.

Anyone notice way more flinch than in one or is it just me?

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I always wondered if that's the reason for the accuracy difference between Wiimote vs DA.

Almost everytime I get killed by a Wiimoter they're either hipfiring or spastically waggling in ADS back and forth across the screen.

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Not to mention their range of motion while prone. I imagine that's why so many wiimoters I see have that squirrely playstyle. Run across one of the bridges in express from the building side and have someone come upstairs from outside. No problem, go prone and take their head off right? Until someone jumps inside from one of the sniper windows off the train and then what?  With da, while prone in those spots you are totally fukked, even while in ads you can not get your reticule on them, it won't let you.

The same scenario has played out for me in highjacked in the lower front cabin because of the table, at aftermath in the middle room you can get to by climbing the ladder, the outer catwalks in highjacked, by the bed in the upstairs rear cabin in highjacked, the sniper spot in raid that overlooks the fountains and has the bed in it (think its a bed I forget), etc etc etc......

It's funny wiimote should win most times in close-quarter gun battle or every time while prone or in a narrow spot or halway but we are op? But nobody ever says anything about it. Must be nice to drop prone and be able to stretch your reticule all the way to the corners of each side of the screen, huh? And still they complain...

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is fine. next.

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Your making me think about trying this

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That crap at the beginning happens to me with my fine tune DA aim1337assist aim. Pfft And snipers try to blow it off as "skill".

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What pisses me off are the tac insert spawn trapping quickscopers. There's no counter. Once you get stuck, there's no way out. Thanks to the crappy spawns, it really takes to effort to trap a team in their spawn. After that, it's smooth sailing. Just pick people off as soon as they spawn.

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You don't even need to use tac inserts to spawn trap. I've been spawn trapped in TDM before. It's ridiculous.

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theres always a counter i know i could break you or anyones spawn trap. just takes smarts skills and time. causes extreme frustration tho

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