Tomorrow's Never Before Seen Gameplay

Black Ops II Wii-U


So you guys probably all know that tomorrow we are not getting the average bus deliveries, but a gameplay video that we have not yet seen.

Any speculations as to what will be in it?

I personally think that the gameplay vid will piece together all the bus deliveries from the past week (since nobody seems to be able to make any kind of sense out of any of them)

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i heard there showing campaign mode new multiplayer map and zombies tonight on spike tv

not sure if true or not

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True story. Starts at 1am. Here's the promo video:

- TopFighter

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That akward momemt when Spike tv is gonna show more video game coverage than G4 tv

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you are on the right track with your theory. but link together all the easter eggs. help door, asend from darkness, the hand beware the doc. portrades in kino, gersh, kasmere mech, (most of the following was reviled in BO1)golden rod, focuseing stone, blowing up earth, Sam<-------> Richtofin , AND the biggest thing ever in the history of Call of duty Zombies ...........TAKEO ACTUALLY TALKS INSEAD OF SPEEKING IN OLD JAP. PARABLES!!!!!! the latter was a joke.

Thank you ,


If wanted correct me on theories and/or spelling.

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Hopefully they cut down on the MP gameplay, we've seen quite a bit already, zombies however we've seen a teaser trailer..

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you guys do know that that its call of duty official twitter that will be releasing the zombie footage? or am i mistaken?

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You're correct. Treyarch will be releasing new footage. SPIKE TV will also be releasing (new?) footage zombie wise. It may or may not be the same footage Treyarch is planning to release.

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