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Team balance

Anyone else kinda pissed off that team balance was never looked at or fixed while the gane was still receiving support? It seems like I unfairly lose at least half my matches everyday because of having the worst team mates possible while the other team is stacked. Like just now I had a match where I put up a VSAT and a bunch of UAVs/Counter UAVs...we lost and I was the only one on my team to go positive -___-

It's becoming unbearable how frequently it happens.

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Re: Team balance

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Yup. ant tell you how many times its happened to me.

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Re: Team balance

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Reminds me of that game Nintendon't we were in in Plaza yesturday. We both went to work- you got VSAT's and Counter UAV's/UAV's, i got my Hellstorm Missile and Lightning Strike picking up triple kills..and our entire team went negative and we lost. It's annoying, it happens too often in this game when there's way too much scrubs and good players. The only way to counter this stupidity is to make parties, cause at least then you can have more competent players...

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