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Tried trapping the avagodro back in the power room at the last step of richtofen side. Did nothing. Turned power off did nothing. Turned power on, shot lightning like the first time avagodro is released but still did nothing. That idea is debunked. Just got emp grenades to try solo with max ammo and game freeze. So onto a new game later to try destroying buildables again I guess.

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Re: Solo Easter Egg

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I seen a video of an emp taking down a hunter killer drone from a very long distance, there are a couple of lights near each other and obviously it would rely on luck on teleporting.

The idea would be stand near one and throw it as far as you can towards the next light, maybe you might be able to bring down two lights with one emp. Teleport and with luck do it again depending where you land.

I have not tried this but maybe worth experimenting with emp range. I'd do it before EE in various locations, go back and watch the footage an see if it work to save wasting time

teleporter at bridge is close to both town and depot. maybe drop an emp there and see if it knocks out other lights aswell. OR throw two emps either direction, get max ammo then emp the bridge and where you land.

just thinking out loud, also maybe an emp between the lights around the cornfield.

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