Shotguns facts:))))))

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Shotguns facts:))))))

when will i get my shotguns kills:27082 downs 97 kd: 279 im currently on knife with blue eyes Smiley Happy

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Re: Shotguns facts:))))))

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the shotguns arent just based of kd thats something known becuz if it worked like that lots of people would have there shot guns by now ... your kd might be good but if the rest of your stats arent that somehow affects it but no one knows how i have ps3 and xbox on ps3 i got my shot guns at 14768 kills 111116 bullets 93 downs  125 revives 268 grenade kills 6487 headshots 53 deaths 11533 gibs 258 perks 112 doors 1.23 hit ratio 454 miles ran ... on xbox i got 28190 kills 163 downs 24 deaths ..... my stats are pretty much the same but i got shottys on ps3 and not on xbox how i dont know i just did i have no clue when anyone will get the shottys no one does and asking people will only get you a bunch of fake lies on how to do it so dont waste your time you will get them when the game decides you desirve them lol

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