Reason why there will be no Wii U map packs.

Black Ops II Wii-U

Lol, space is not an issue.

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1. They'd sell at least one more copy if they released the game on the eshop.

2. Yes, because no one plays local multiplayer. Especially not on the Wii U with its Gamepad.

3. Funny. My Wii U has 2TB of space.

4. And? Then charge an extra $1 to make up for it.

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i use the gamepad all the time. its how i play

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Wii U won't get DLC because there's too much lag

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Why couldn't they just give us a free update with the map packs like they did with nuketown. Sure we're getting them free but its not like it will matter because black ops 2 isn't very popular anymore. Now almost everyone has black ops 3 

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Hey boys and girls



Here is the reason why we won't get the map packs on Wii U:


1. They sold about 65k BO2 copies for Wii U (not sure, but it's less then 100k) which is not much. So if they make map packs, it will be a low seller.


@2. People in Europe like me, see that there are a low amount of people at our game time, 1000-3000 people @ multiplayer, 50-400 at Zombie. So it would be useless to buy the map pack if you have nobody to play with.


3. The Wii U has only 8gb and 25gb space, and as you might know, a game demo = 1gb+ and a full game can go to 15gb. So a map pack would take alot of space.


4. Nintendo is asking taxes when you buy some in the E-Shop.



Thanks ...


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I would be glad to buy DLC packs for the Wii U . If 65k copies were sold for the Wii U and everyone bought all 4 map packs , that's $3,900,000 for Activision . They would still make money. Maybe not as much as they would like to make , but money is money .

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