Origins- One out, One in

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Origins- One out, One in

I'm sure someone posted about this previously, but is anyone else having problems with Origins on xbox? After not being able to use jug in a game a few days ago, I attempted a public match last night. I was chucked in to the middle of someone else's game at the start of round 11. I was spawned out of the map and was instantly killed, but was spawned in correctly at the start of round 12. I thought I would stick with the game just to see what the hell was going on, and over 8 rounds about 12-15 different players dropped in and out of the game. I recorded a round sped up so you can see the players dropping in and out and just wondered if this was a common problem? It has happened to me once before on MOB but it was only one player that was added. Once he dropped out nobody else joined. The game last night seemed to add another player as soon as a player quit.

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LOoks like a modded lobby or glitch

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