Next zombie DLC

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Next zombie DLC

Hi I've got a suggestion for the next zombies map. So what I was thinking, was something among the lines of an underwater map. Where you're in a facility and have to open doors to collect oxygen. That's so you can't stay in one room for to long. However once you turn on the power all the water in the facility drains out. I was talking about this idea with a mate and he said it would be a great map.

      Hope you consider this zombies map for the next map pack. Thank you for reading please consider putting this in the next DLC

Finn Langham

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Re: Next zombie DLC

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In my opinion, I believe that this map would be the best zombie map and would attract a lot of zombies' fans. Moreover they could add a new bonous gun with this Dlc. I hope that Treyarch make ur idea true. It would be awesome.

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