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Re: List of Wiimote problems - A_TREY_U

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2 - Well, with my button layout it is. I can't reposition sentry guns or guardians

4 - All of them. Up+right on the dpad to use scorestreaks picks up weapons when set to 'inventory button' to pick up guns in the settings menu

5 - Exactly what is written: the wiimote will just go dead. Not 100% certain this is a game code problem

10 - Shouldn't, but is. The last thing you usually did before dying was sprinting, resulting in many unintentional skipped killcams

12 - While you are ADS'ing, the position of the wiimote isn't updated. This means that if you move the wiimote cursor position during the ADS animation, the cursor will jump to the cursor's new position after the animation ends (ie, you're fully ADS'd in). This shouldn't happen. It should be like DA's where, if you ADS while moving the right stick, the gun ADS's while moving in that direction.

14 - No. The wiimote has more sway than DA's. It should have the same or preferably (due to natural sway) none.

16 - Either have no AA on both, or AA on both. AA on DA's and no AA on Wiimote isn't fair.

17 - It is known that DA's have less flinching due to faster 'centre speed' associated with AA.

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Re: List of Wiimote problems - A_TREY_U

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what control scheme are you using? Because it sounds like you are having a lot of problems just because of your particular button layouts...

5. this sounds like a problem with your wii-mote, not the game. My wiimote will occasionally go dead in the middle of a game, but that's just because I haven't charged it for a while, not because of game coding.

10. I still say that's not really a problem. half the time it's not even worth watching the killcams anyways because I know exactly what hapened.

12. Interesting, I've never noticed this/never bugged me while ADS'ing, although the ADS dead frames are annoying when I lose gunfights with that happening

16. that's what I'm saying. neither should have AA

17. makes sense

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Re: List of Wiimote problems - A_TREY_U

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I say 10 is not a problem because you don't need to hold down the sprint button in order to sprint. Just tap it and you're sprinting for as long is allowed.

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Re: List of Wiimote problems - A_TREY_U

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I think 5 is your wii remote. I think its time to get a new one.

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Re: List of Wiimote problems - A_TREY_U

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My ADS stutters (different from host jitter).  Also, when ADS a slight movement sometimes makes the gun shift radically in that direction.

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Re: List of Wiimote problems - A_TREY_U

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when you turn sharply to react to enemy fire your screen looks to the sky resulting in certain death.

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Re: List of Wiimote problems - A_TREY_U

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I've still got a problem with the Wiimotes disabled AA.

I have my sprint on the C button, I also have the camera lock on it, I noticed that once I sprint and am about to ADS to my target, it does the same kind of AA thing as the DA AA, but this feels harder to get out from the target and often it just makes my cursor move out from the opponent yet as if it would still be on the player.

It's pissing me off, as if I didn't already have troubles with my aim.

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Re: List of Wiimote problems - A_TREY_U

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1. I could never control the dragonfire even in the campaign. Didn't think it was an actual issue O_o

3. Hasn't happened to me since the last patch.

4. Happens ALOT. I once picked up a random gun i was laying on top of when calling in a lightening strike. I thought my Ballista changed into some random weapon XD

8. THIS RIGHT HERE is the result of many frustrating deaths, and as a result i always had to keep my distance from said objects. Sometimes it doesn't always work and i get automatically pulled upwards while behind cover >_>

10. Agreed. I do it unintentionally sometimes. Several times i was trying to sprint before i died and for some reason the pressing of (A) registered as skipping the killcam.

12. I think this can make things more difficult if the apparently jumpy cursor isn't fixed. Depends, i guess.

13. Out of the times i've gone into crouch or prone while using the WIi Remote i have never had this happen to me.

14. Best way to counter it is to force control over it by moving the scope while pressing (A) or whatever button you use to hold the character's breath. This has worked nicely for me, however it doesn't work when you hold the character's breath too long and they are "out of breath".

15. This definitely needs fixing, although despite it being crummy, i managed to pull off my final 7 bloodthristy medals on the SVU with the acog scope. The regular scope is great for headshots, but by far not a good choice for continuous body shots. Due to sway after shots, it makes it very difficult with the regular scope. Nonetheless, i got diamond cammo now Earlier, i actually encountered a Wii Remote player using the DSR with acog. They were doing alright with it, but the jaggedness of acog on snipers still needs to be fixed. Whenever using it, it feels like  i'm using a duel analog stick to control it (it's weird, but thats how i feel whenever i use acog snipers in Black Ops 2).

16. Sure. Got no complaints. I already have aim assist turned off at all times Unles it's helping without me noticing? O_o I doubt that, but i wouldn't mind no aim assist with snipers when using the Wii Remote.

18. Never happened to me before


Anything i had something to add/say or whatever was noted with the number relating to it. As for other issues to report:

All issues i've experienced with the Wii Remote have been noted here. Besided horrible hit detectioon for the past 3 days (i'm guessing that's the game its self), i have nothing to add. Good compilation

From the look of it, i might be really lucky. I haven't had many of the issues noted here while using the Wii Remote O_o

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Re: List of Wiimote problems - A_TREY_U

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I remembered another one: You cant use the wiimote to send text messages to friends if the gamepad is on. If the gamepad is off, you can send messages, but the stick or the dpad (I forget which one) doesn't work, and the optional pointer controls on the keyboard works...but theres no cursor visible on screen.

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Re: List of Wiimote problems - A_TREY_U

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Please change it so when you're scoped in, "A" is only used to breath. I constantly climg things, use turrets, change to manul sentry gun.

Also, I can't move sentry guns or gaurdians.

and I'll 2nd everything else thats been said.

It's crazy these are still problems 2 months after release.

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