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For Green Run there are many leaderboards. There is one for rounds survived on solo, and others for 2, 3, and 4 player. I have been playing 3 player with my mates recently and for some reason my 3 player round scores are not being displayed on the leaderboards. Can anyone tell me why this is. I play custom match, original difficulty, strarting round 1, headshots only disabled, and magic on. Thanks

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Re: Leaderboards

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Leaderboards update ONLY on public matches.

If just 1 player leaves the tracking stops! Example: You go to round 36 with 3 people because 4th player left on round 15. Leaderboards will register the highest round for that match round 15.

Yes, leaderboards suck and you can't play with your friends if you want to get to the leaderboards.

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