If it really is a Zombie Campaign, I have some questions...

Black Ops II Wii-U

Ok, So if there truly is a campaign mode, there are some inherent questions i would like answered, doesnt have to be by treyarch staff, although that would be amazing to know definitively.  but on to it:

  So in the campaign mode,  I have heard talk of building turrets, upgrading the bus (batering ram and such), and presumably other upgrades to different parts of the map that help things go more smoothly.  This sounds like alot of fun, but if Im playing on a friends game, and I help him build turrets and upgrade things, and he has to leave, when I go to play my own campaign, do i need to buy these upgrades again?  What i mean is are all of the modifications to the level specifically for the person who is hosting the games game? or do they somehow carry over to each person campaign?  If they dont, then there will be an epidemic of people only wanting to host games and not join them, and rightfully so.  Who wants to keep starting over from nothing and helping other people build up their fortress's when nothing they do will help themselves. 

Also, and this is a much less in depth question, but is the campaign mode specific to that map w/ the bus, or is it a mode that can be played on any map? 

Im sure some of this has been covered already, but if so I havent been able to find anything relevant, sorry to anyone who is repeating answers for the site noobs, much appreciated though

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1. TranZit is the campaign its a one of the new modes, its not like a story campaign no-one knows 100% how that'll work

2. Survival takes areas out of TranZit makes them maps, like previous games

3. Grief is the 4Z4

4. Havent heard about turrets, but there are buildables, things you have to acquire in the map (Tranzit for now) i think you'd create them in a game but then they'd be gone and you'd need to make them again in a new game.

5. I think the bus is exclusive to tranzit, thy'd be no place for it in the other modes

6. there maybe more modes yet to be announced

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Ah, I see.  I think the word "Campaign" in the COD world conjures up images of traveling, completing missions, and objectives, but its just a general term for a specific mode that isnt anything like the real Campaign of the game, my fault, I let my preconceptions get the best of me.

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same, i was pretty dissapointed to know that they used the word ``Campaign`` to discribe that kind of game mode, they got me very excited and then put me down.

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Good points are brought up here honestly...I've never thought about how TranZit will work as far as saving and stuff...hmm..

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about tranzit, will it be the campaign from the beginning to present or what? makes me wonder

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