I think it's time for a clean up

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Re: I think it's time for a clean up

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I added you last night bro - I was with Fissure, I think you went 46-2 or summat on plaza ? I was 1 bar, which I why I dont party much, took 35 bullets to get a kill

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Re: I think it's time for a clean up

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Ah the clusterspawn hack...Would you believe that people still hack MW3? It's kind of pathetic, really.

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Re: I think it's time for a clean up

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I had every intention of posting these sooner but there was some massive glitch that meant that I couldn't log in.  I thought for a while that I was banned based on the resulting URL "loginbanned=true" lol

Anyway, I'm pretty pissed.  I went back into my second account to record video, make screenshots, etc, of my recent games and found that they were wiped.  There must be some shelf life for how long recent games are stored on the server or something.  I still had the recent players list available but it wasn't in any of the recent games for any players that were in this match, either.

This means that I can't prove that one half of the split match was listed as a "Custom Game".  I'm sure that if the developers were to look for themselves then they will be able to bring it up.  But If anybody knows how I can list older games then please let me know.  For now I'll just post what I have saved.

(I have to use TinyPic since I can't insert for some reason...)

I took a sequence of screenshots to show continuity and that they are not parts of seperate games.  Player rankings, scores, time, points, etc should help show it.  I have censored all NNIDs except for my own.


Both parts visible here.  Part1 was listed as a "Custom Game" in my recent games list.  Part2 listed as "Public Match".  Take note of the total time for Part1, circled in red.


Part1 - This is the start of the match.  I'm spectating the host and have not yet joined.


Part1 - I join the match at this point.  This is just to show that it was behaving like a "public" match where anybody could join if they were to search for a regular match.


Part1 - This is when the host (who I am currently spectating) left the match after raging about lag.  During the match the Host Migration worked as normal and we carried on without a problem for the full length of the match.  In theater it only plays up to the point of the host leaving and produces this error (circled in red).  Also note the total time in the player (circled in red).  The blurred out part at the start of the error message is the name of a player who was never in the game (which doesn't make sense).


Part1 - This is a second shot of the same point in theater when the error occured but with the scoreboard, showing time, score, points, etc.  This is just for reference and comaprison for proof.


This is showing the second part of the same match, after the split when the host left.  This part was listed in my recent games as a "public match".  Total time for this "match" is circled in red.


Part2 - I am spectating myself since the host has quit.  Take note of the total time (Circled in red)


Part2 - This is the same point as the previous screenshot, but showing the scoreboard to prove it is a continuation of the same match.


Part2 - The end of the match.  Scoreboard up.  It also shows that this glitched "Custom Game" is behaving like a public match since I was awarded match XP.  All stats were also saved to my combat record.

I don't know how else I can prove that this "Custom Game Glitch" is being abused and is affecting regular public matches now and has done for a while.  It was just pure luck that the host messed up and it split the enteries, showing it was a custom game when I was actually hunting for proof.

The Recent Games list no longer shows any entries, but I'm hoping that the developers will still be able to view the entries for this game on their end and see for themselves that it lists as a "Custom Game".

I've also noticed that a lot of my matches have been worse lately, with weird crap happening.  The most worrying part is that it will only continue to get worse, too.

If anybody has any doubts on this then you are free to add me and view it for yourselves.  My NNID is in the screenshots but PM me if you decide you want to view the recordings.

If any moderator reads this:  Please help notfiy a developer.

If any developer reads this:  Please access my account, check the details and do something about this.  We need a patch and these people need a ban.

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Re: I think it's time for a clean up

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Ran into a young kid this morning with a kdr of .40 who went very negative every match and a nuclear calling card. Not even 100 wins. Reported him but I doubt it matters...

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Re: I think it's time for a clean up

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Yeah, I've been seeing a whole lot of them.  My nephew was even in a lobby where this player was telling the rest of his team not to shoot a specific player on the other team because they were boosting.  He had no fear of announcing it, either, since there is no punishment now.

My nephew, being the star that he is, made it his mission to bust up their little boosting arrangement.  This went on for about 9 games straight.  He reported them after every match.

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Re: I think it's time for a clean up

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more power to him

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Re: I think it's time for a clean up

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I couldn't help but smile while watching him lol

Granted, he's a kid himself, but he has a far more mature and respective attitude towards other players in the game then even some adults that I've played.  He was completely unfazed by this older kid raging and threatening because he was "ruining the game for them".

Being a good player also helped him on his mission lol

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