I believe the Wii U community is growing, and will keep slowly getting bigger.

Black Ops II Wii-U

If CoD on the ps4 has motion controls then im def switching.  An upgrade to my blu-ray player, a share feature to upload game play and motion control....whats not to like??  Thats a winner ... no question about it.

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I saw it with more than 4K last night for the first time ever

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I saw it at 4k yesturday too. This is good news Nintendo needs better marketing stratagies...like "Wii U's can cure your cancer, AND rid you of acne". It'll sell like hotcakes.

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nintendo is doing a great job by brining out big updates and fixing issues on miiverse and giving us google map app and smartphone app coming soon

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Black ops 1 wii has a bigger number of players...

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Its also been out for a few years more

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Black Ops 1 still had like 20k plus on at any given time when it was in its prime though...

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bigger the better baby!

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VERYslowly , but indeed growth is growth. With news now being linked about the upcoming PS4 though, I feel it`ll hault progress soon enough

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