Gun turret hunting glitchers.

Black Ops II Wii-U

Gun turret hunting glitchers.

I was in a 4 pp tranzit and running the tunnel and I thought the guy running the other end was legit until I ran back to bus depot to find him glitching. I even asked if he was in a glitch and he chuckled about it so I ran to the farm. Built the turret, ran back, and left the turret in the tunnel got a fan and came back.  Places the fan in front then grabbed the turret and dropped it to take him out but it killed me. I was very well behind the thing so why do you think I went down? There was nobody behind me, I looked and killed all.

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Re: Gun turret hunting glitchers.

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I invented the glitcher hunter/aka DrGRRR Killer lol, I'll teach you to use it one day...

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Re: Gun turret hunting glitchers.

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Need to drop Mule in Tranzit soon- seems to be where I find most of the glitchers- PaP the ballistics, put 'em down.

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