Fastest Way To Rank Up(For Buried)

Black Ops II Wii-U

First of all you want to slide down and draw the Remington.With that money you want to open the sofa to get to the bank and take out about 40000.Grab the AN-94 chalk on your way out,then draw it on the jail.Then you want to get Jug,Mule Kick,Slieght of Hand,and Double Tap.Be sure to still be on round 1 when you buy 4 perks,so if you do get only lose 1 perk.Next you want to get the Paralyser,HAMR,and Time Bombs out of the box.Before you start hitting the box,give Leeroy candy next to the box so you wont get a teddy bear.Then grab the AN-94 off the wall and Pack a Punch your guns.If you want you can PaP the HAMR multiple times to get the Fore Grib.Start killing until round 10,at round 10 throw your Time Bomb down.Camp at Jug and use no Buildables,theyll just take your kills and get in the way.Go as high as you can with those 3 guns,use the AN-94 mostly.Only use the Paralyser when you get overrun,and the HAMR gets worse at about round 28.If you get past round 30 and see a Max Ammo,set off your Time Bomb then grab it.When you go back in time it should still be there, then throw that Time Bomb down.Remember to also set off your Time Bomb if your getting overrun.Keep repeating til you get bored,or to a high round...leave the game to avoid a down(your kills will still count).When i do this strategy i get over 10000 kills w/out dying.And depending on how many total kills you have,this will raise your k/d in zombies tremendously..getting you shotguns VERY fast.

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