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I was angry but then i realized they did this for black ops too. If they release it way late in the year ill feel better

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Why?? They never said it was for hardened and above edition as a exclusive. Besides when new DLC come out no one would play Nuketown Zombies. Happen with the WaW maps and it would of happen with Nuketown too. Now there will always be a decent amount of players playing Nuketown Zombies.


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But they sure made it seem that way, waiting till last min to say buy the season pass and you get nuketown zombies. I know i and others would not have got the hardened edition if we knew we would get the zombie maps with season pass.

They led to community to believe that the only way to get nuketown zombies was to buy carepackage or hardened, Then as peoples copys have been sent they announce what season pass gives.

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Oh get over it. Not all of us have the money to throw out for gaming. All I hear is bitching you dont own a exclusive map when your money basically went for swag. I got a game, not a coin or chopper. You got metal cases and signs that say nuketown, overpriced swag but what you got is what you paid for. The fact I have to wait til it's released sucks but I'm not bitching half as bad as you "kids" and all your toys. Some people just want to watch the world burn I guess.... and bitch about it while they do.

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josh1073, very well said and i couldnt agree with you more, I work hard for my money and i only spent the extra $20 for the zombie map because i was thinking it would get released at some point but probably a year later like the WAW zombie maps. I have no issue with Nuketown zombies being DLC at some point but not this soon, its complete crap and they better do something for the people that paid the extra money for these special editions, if not i will never buy a special edition game again, this will be my first and last time!

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When i went in to finish paying off my preoder for BO2 i asked if i could get HE. I asked the lady behind the cash register if i could get back my money for the standard edition and switch to HE for the zombie map. she told me that with the season pass they offer, ill get it for free and i would save some money. she got even more hotter after that... lol this was like 2 weeks before today.  there should have been enough time for most of u to cancel ur preorder and still get the standard edition no problem. or just sell your HE copy on ebay or to someone who wants it

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have u heard your selves " i have no problem with  nuke town being released... just not this soon" thats a contradiction in terms. lets face it dont matter wen it would of been released u still would of bitched about it. coz u all thought it was exsclusivley for u. i got the he my self but i new from day 1thy would release it. thy made the mistake of not releasing them early enough  b4 with waw maps and thy were never played. and with those maps the edition ppl got moon for free. we will im sure get this zombie map or something along them lines for free.

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