Die Rise / Tranzit (NavCard Theory)

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Re: Die Rise / Tranzit (NavCard Theory)

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r u sure dude. cuz i played last night had was able to insert tranzit nav card on die rise. everyone has tried it n it works. it worked for me. die rise nav card wont work on tranzit but nav card from tranzit works on die rise. your probly doing something wrong then dude. go try it again

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Re: Die Rise / Tranzit (NavCard Theory)

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I would think that the next dlc nav card table will accept the die rise nav card, then the one after that will accept the next's navcard and the last navcard will work on tranzit from the last dlc. Not sure what will happen but maybe will link teleporters to go from map to map and do 1 giant EE

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