Borough/Turned FULL of cheaters!!!

Black Ops II Wii-U

It is my third game in a row that I loose because of cheaters. They are jumping on the rock that is located by the fence of the ghosts mansion.

This is really getting on my nerves because it is affecting us, we cant catch them or leave the game, which is a DEFINITE loss for us!

That means the whole game mode is Fu**** up!

All I do is reporting them for cheating and file complaining them, what else can I do?


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I honestly wouldn't call it cheating, at least not yet. I haven't played turned on Borough yet, but if they can easily get on top of the rock then why wouldn't they? If they try and they fail 9 times then finally make it up on the 10th then I would consider that cheating. I look at it the same way I do grief. It can be very frustrating the way people play or "troll" at times but it's just part of the game. I'm not a turned player though so hopefully they patch this for you.

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it is cheating! but on the other hand treyarch deliberatly leaving these things here are promoting ppl to use exploits kids will always use them to there advantage or just to troll. i havent played one game of grief as i hate it. but in all maps there are some kind of bug glitch / exploit that screws up legitimate players with f*cked up mechanics. it will always be this way and "will never change!" lol

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As said it is cheating because they are Not standing on the rock, They are jumping on the rock and then jumping to the area that is impossible for us (zombies) to reach since zombies cant jump in that game mode!

Anyways, Here is a video from RelaxingEnd showing the same problem:

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its cod.. what do you expect from people?

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i dont play turned, i was hoping after its fail debut in Revolution if it were to return they'd change it up and make it better, and i was disappointed to see the same old $hit, guess thats why we had grief aswell, i liek grief, considering we virtually have the whole map aside from spawn, house, maze, i do see cross boners with the trample stesm glitching in the courtroom a lot, but i keep blowing up their trample steams, i thought perhaps we'd get to play as the ghosts or billy in turned but no, play as ghost you cant kill enemies but can subtract points

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Omg I know, they all jump over that rock, so annoying. Kinda stupid you can't jump as a zombie though, seeing the heights they can jump in regular matches I'd expect to at least be able to jump normally. But I guess it would be a little OP to have three zombies pounce on you simultaniously. (I know I spelt that wrong).

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We dont need jumping zombies it is going to be really hard, all we need now is just fixing the rock,, thats it

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