Black Ops II Wii U - Treyarch's Guide to the Wii Remote

Black Ops II Wii-U

Wow.  This guide is impressive.  It's almost like you designed the aiming or something.

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Thanks for taking the time to give such a detailed explanation to all the settings.

It really helps!

If I could second CHiiKi's question about making the cursor locked to the center of the screen for Hip Fire and ADS.

My current concern about having all these settings is that its so complicated, why not have a preset that is identical to Keyboard and Mouse users?

I came from PC so this would be preferable.

Thanks for all your effort on keeping us up to date!!

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I find it funny cause my dead zone is actually pretty big and I seem to do well

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thank you treyarch for the big improvements throughout and especially on wii mote, made it much more fair again, now top of the scoreboards    wii mote is much more fluid! great patch. finally!

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Yeah I remember this french guy on the vid. People said it's fake but it is not. By this method I was able to play Guitar Hero on PC with a Wii guitar.

But yeah  would love to play like this, the sniper feels like the way it should be

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It means a lot that someone give us information. Thank you so much. I have had differen feelings with my wiimote during the day, almost like it takes time for the patch to rub in. Restarting the program helped. Feels pretty good now.

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I'm doing terrible with lookspring off. It's a huge difference considering I'm usually running with me and the other person on the same level ground. I rarely try to tomahawk someone above or below me, but I might as well try to learn. However, it feels sluggish and slower turning with lookspring off.

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Thanks for this - it explained a few things I maybe have been doing wrong. I`ll fiddle with those and try the bottom 3 advanced presets, and you may have just saved me from binning this game

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I messed around with the settings this morning and now I feel seasick. Lol

Do you guys use dead zones? I've never liked that but maybe a SMALL DZ makes the aim more stable? I'm not convinced yet because I'm used to aim and move by myself.

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Wiimote feels fabulous now, thanks A_Trey_U!

I'll be using your great guide later in the day to tweek my settings. Smiley Very Happy

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